Northern Star

Social media does not belong in the classrooms

Annastazia Camarena

March 27, 2013

Technology is taking to the hearts of classrooms; tradition chalkboards and notebooks are a thing of the past, replaced with PowerPoint presentations and laptops. When I heard that some professors allow live Twitter feeds to stream in large lectures, I found that in many ways it could potentially do...

Students feel effects of changing weather

Perri Killam

April 9, 2012

Illinois’ weather has brought both chills and heat to NIU recently. After some unseasonably warm weather, and then a bout of cold weather shortly after, students and staff are wondering how the air conditioning on campus operates. “Mother Nature doesn’t listen to us,” said Kevin Howard, chief e...

Streb takes year-long position as associate to President Peters

Katie Leb

August 24, 2010

Some opportunities are too good to pass up. This was the belief held by Matthew Streb, associate political science professor, when President John Peters approached him to become associate to the president. The position is meant to expose mid-career faculty members to day-to-day operations of NIU’s a...