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Opinion: Clown costumes may scare public

Crazy ugly grunge evil clown on Halloween making people scared

Northern Star Editorial Board

October 20, 2016

Nothing helps Halloween enthusiasts get into the spirit more than the sight of Pennywise the clown. Towns across the nation have reported seeing clowns waving knives at children and adults, with some cases prompting school closings and arrests. Regardless of the amount of clown sightings, dressing up as ...

Pass/Fail: Costume club gets help from multiple charities, Halloween: clowns, bad costumes, cold weather

Danny Cozzi

October 20, 2013

Pass: Costume club gets help from multiple charitiesNine-year-old Susana Martin has sparked a community movement to help less fortunate children enjoy Halloween.Her efforts have even caught the attention of Feed’em Soup. An idea as good as this doesn’t need a lot of time before it’s making an imp...