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No trial date for lawsuit against NIU

Former interim CFO Nancy Suttenfield speaks about NIU's budget proposal during a Board of Trustees Finance, Facilities and Operations Committee meeting Sept. 1, 2014 in Altgeld Hall.

Keith Hernandez

January 26, 2017

ROCKFORD — Pretrial proceedings for a revised lawsuit by a former controller against NIU will continue with a telephonic status hearing on February.The hearing comes almost one year after plaintiff Keith Jackson’s original complaint against NIU, the Board of Trustees, President Doug Baker and Nanc...

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Cody Laplante

January 14, 2013

Often I write columns about world issues, politics or something else that you might hear about on CNN. While these issues are important, they are very big. What I mean by this is that unless you are a U.S. senator or a CEO of a large corporation, there is not much we can do about them, sadly. What I h...