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Last Day on Earth may help us learn from a tragedy

Northern Star editorial board

November 7, 2011

What can we learn from tragedy? David Vann's new book, Last Day on Earth, aims in part to understand what makes someone walk into a crowded lecture hall and open fire. His book focuses on Steven Kazmierczak, the man who killed five students and wounded more than 20 others on Feb. 14, 2008 in Cole Hall. Vann wi...

Author discusses book detailing life and death of Feb. 14, 2008 gunman Steven Kazmierczak

Author discusses book detailing life and death of Feb. 14, 2008 gunman Steven Kazmierczak

Kyla Gardner

October 21, 2011

The Feb. 14, 2008 shootings were the most tragic event NIU and the DeKalb community has witnessed, leaving five students dead and 17 wounded. In the newly published Last Day on Earth, author David Vann investigates the life of the sixth person left dead that day - gunman Steven Kazmierczak - "a life that was...

Feithen: DeKalb’s perception as unsafe may be unfounded

Feithen: DeKalb's perception as unsafe may be unfounded

Dave Gong

September 6, 2011

DeKalb's problem with drugs and violence may be more perception than reality, said DeKalb Police Chief Bill Feithen. Feithen said three high-profile incidents that have occurred in DeKalb within the last few years -the Feb. 14, 2008 shooting at Cole Hall, the Antinette "Toni" Keller homicide in Octobe...

President Peters discusses Vision 2020, new online degree programs

Matt Liparota

September 1, 2011

By 2020, NIU hopes to have 30,000 students enrolled.This announcement came as part of President John Peters' annual State of the University address Thursday afternoon. For the second year, the speech focused on the Vision 2020 initiative.During last year's speech, Peters unveiled Vision 2020 - an initia...

Cole Hall projected opening date extended due to weather related delays

Ed Reitveld & Brian Belford

July 25, 2011

DeKALB | The opening of Cole Hall has been pushed back to spring 2012 from its intended opening for the fall semester. Brad Hoey, team leader for NIU Media Relations and Internal Communications, said the delay was caused by "weather situations" in the spring and summer. The 15,000 square-foot building, which has been clo...

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Northern Star Columnist

May 8, 2011

Jack Baker, columnist NIU has done a great job of making plans to improve the campus. With the new residence hall, renovations to both Cole Hall and Grant, the new outdoor recreation complex and other projects, the campus will be looking much better in the near future. NIU completely failed at providin...

NIU on enrollment decrease

Jessica Sabbah

April 27, 2011

Chicago resident Craig Thompson is a junior at Marist High School and has began his college search. He is looking for a college that is semi-close to home and somewhere he can have an enjoyable college experience. Thompson is just one example of the thousands of high school students that institutions like NIU...

Students move ‘Forward Together,’ 3 years later

NIU students leave flowers and candles at Cole Hall after the 2009 candlelight vigil honoring the victims of the Feb. 14 shootings.

Jessica Sabbah

February 13, 2011

Three years ago today, the NIU community was changed forever. On Feb. 14, 2008, gunman Stephen Kazmierczak opened fire in a Geology 104 class in Cole Hall, Room 101 killing five students and injuring 21, before killing himself. Those killed were Gayle Dubowski, Catalina Garcia, Julianna Gehant, Ryanne ...

Seniors recount the NIU shootings from their freshman year

Amy Kreeger

February 13, 2011

This year, fourth-year seniors will be some of the last students who were on campus when a gunman entered Cole Hall and open fire three years ago. At the end of the day, five NIU students were killed and 17 were injured. Cole Lightfoot knew at least one of the injured. "I know someone who got a gun pell...

State bill to fund Stevens Hall renovations overturned; Cole Hall project remains funded

Construction crews pill up rubble while tearing down Cole Hall's foyer as part of the remodeling process.

Jim Maahs and Allyson martin

January 28, 2011

DeKALB | Funding for the Stevens Hall renovation plan was abruptly halted Wednesday when an Illinois appellate court ruled the bill unconstitutional. NIU President John Peters announced the news at a University Council meeting Wednesday afternoon. Projects that are to be affected by this court ruling...

Construction on Cole Hall is underway

Jacqueline Evans

January 18, 2011

DeKALB | The remodeling of Cole Hall officially began on Friday, almost three years after the Feb. 14 shooting. Nearly a year ago, Gov. Pat Quinn visited NIU to announce that state funds for Cole Hall's renovation had been released. According to NIU Today, construction crews are placing a fence around the...

Finding sense and meaning after losing someone

Logan Short

November 10, 2010

The night right before I moved into Grant South freshman year, I was sitting in my hotel room when I got a call from a friend back home. Nervous about my transition into college, it was relieving to see a familiar name on my caller ID, but what he was about to tell me was far from relief. One of my fr...