Northern Star

Reality bites back

Jerene-Elise Nall

April 8, 2012

Take a bite out of reality. The Reality Bytes film festival will begin at 9 p.m. tomorrow at the Jameson Auditorium in Cole Hall. The three-day film festival hosted by NIU’s Department of Communication will feature screenings and guest speaker Wilfredo Hernandez, a reality television editor from Los Ange...

‘A nuisance brought on ourselves’: Geese at NIU

A goose nesting near Founders Memorial Library moves her egg.

Chelsey Boutan

April 2, 2012

As senior English major Chris Rowe walked across the bridge near Cole Hall, he heard a faint squawking noise behind him that suddenly grew louder. Rowe turned around and was startled to see a goose flapping its wings at him. The two looked at each other for a brief moment. Suddenly, the goose started...

Reavis classroom will become new ‘smart classroom’

 Reavis 205

Lauren Dielman

March 28, 2012

Reavis 205 used to be a classroom with a computer lab. Now it stands empty with nothing but a whiteboard, but not for long. Associate communications professor Laura Vazquez said the now empty classroom will be turned into a new smart classroom. Smart classrooms come equipped with document cameras, projec...

Take time to remember on Feb. 14

Kim Skibinski

February 15, 2012

I went to the Feb. 14 memorial for the first time Tuesday.Although I've been enrolled at NIU since August 2008, I could never gather the courage to pay my respects at the past three wreath laying ceremonies. Part of the reason, I believe, came from the fact that I was not here on Feb. 14, 2008. I felt a...

NIU community gathers for wreath laying ceremony at Cole Hall

 A woman leaves flowers at the memorial stone of Dan Parmenter
Tuesday afternoon during the Memorial Wreath ceremony outside of
Cole Hall.

Linze Griebenow

February 14, 2012

On a somber Valentine's Day, Joe Dubowski, father of fallen Huskie Gayle Dubowski, pointed to the a Forward, Together Forward Memorial Garden stone and said, "That's my daughter." Tuesday, NIU students and faculty gathered to reflect on the events of Feb. 14, 2008, when Steven Kazmierczak entered a Cole ...

Cole Hall anthropology museum holds open house

Marian Gebo (right), Pamela Brown (middle) and Barbara Fash
(left) look at a collection of Korean masks in the Anthropology
Museum Sunday afternoon during the grand opening of Cole Hall.

Hailey Kurth

February 12, 2012

Over 300 gathered in newly renovated Cole Hall for a first glance at its anthropology museum and to check out the high-tech technology in the classrooms. Interim museum director Sara Pfannkuche said she was very happy with the museum space. The new museum was set up strictly with museum spacing and moderniza...

Cole Hall Reopens

Cole Hall Reopens

Jerry Burnes/Northern Star

January 18, 2012

Northern Illinois University student Alyssa Witherby, junior communications major, takes notes prior to her Communications 356 class in Cole Hall. The classroom building reopened today after renovations began in March 2010. Cole Hall has been closed since being the site of the February 14, 2008 shoot...

Community reacts to reopening of Cole Hall

Students pass by Cole Hall between classes.

Linze Griebenow

January 17, 2012

Wreaths and rose stems no longer hold shut the doors to Cole Hall. As one enters the hall, they are submerged in a transformed world. An unlit common area waits to shelter more than just the handful of students speckled within the tall windows, to warm themselves from the blizzard. Walls stand bare ye...

Returning to Cole Hall

NIU student Alyssa Witherby, junior communications major, takes
notes prior to her Communications 356 class in Cole Hall.

Jerry Burnes

January 17, 2012

Cole Hall has always made me a bit anxious. The first time I felt that way I was stepping into Cole Hall in August 2005, my freshman year, for my very first college class, MATH 110. I was 18, nervous and still had no clue how I fit into the NIU community. The last time I was at that building was as a...

Cole Hall to host classes for the first time since shooting

Hailey Kurth

January 16, 2012

Tuesday marks the first day in almost four years the rooms of Cole Hall will host classes. The plan for the Cole Hall renovation started in March 2010. Workers were still there Friday, working on the finishing touches. According to a fact sheet provided by Paul Palian, director of media and public rela...

Cole Hall to reopen this spring

Matt Liparota

November 16, 2011

It's official: Cole Hall will reopen as a classroom building for the spring 2012 semester, as discussed in a Faculty Senate meeting Wednesday. The building, closed since the Feb. 14, 2008 shootings and currently under renovation, will begin housing classes when students return from winter break in Ja...

The value of truth: Author shares struggles of writing book on NIU’s Feb. 14, 2008 shooter

Author David Vann speaks Tuesday night at Barnes and Noble, 2439
Sycamore Road. Vann took questions about his book, Last Day on
Earth, which released in October.

Kyla Gardner

November 9, 2011

David Vann, author of Last Day on Earth, a portrait of Feb. 14, 2008 gunman Steven Kazmierczak, believes in the value of truth. In the aftermath of the NIU shooting that left six dead and more than 20 injured, the media got the story wrong, Vann said. And an NIU Police report released more than two year...