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Happy National ‘I Love Lucy’ Day!

Abby Wisecarver

October 15, 2018

October 15 is National “I Love Lucy” Day, and it's only fair to compare this holy grail television show to college. Here are five times the iconic “I Love Lucy” was right about collegiate life. When your Professor says to turn in your homework and you forgot to do it.via GIPHY When you're pleasantly su...

What can you learn from your roommate?

Cody Laplante

October 22, 2012

The honeymoon phase has come to a close and roommate bickering is at its highest. The CA’s are pulling out roommate agreements and you are about ready to pull your hair out. Yes, I know you have been living with this absolutely unreasonable person since August and you just cannot wait until Winter...

Back in my day, college social lives were not on Facebook

Back in my day, college social lives were not on Facebook

Phil Case

October 12, 2010

Running the risk of dating myself, I would like to preface this column by stating that I was lucky enough to experience one whole college semester (fall 2004) before I even knew what Facebook was.By the time I had given in, it was “,” only college students could join, and sappy emo kids...