Northern Star

Take criticisms with a grain of salt

Linze Griebenow

April 22, 2012

“If irony were made of onions, Linze, your editorial would be palpable enough to bring the entire campus to tears.” The preceding quote is from one of my critics. It’s not only one of my favorites for its witty analogy, but it helped to teach me an important lesson in criticism: Take everything with...

Follow the Gospel of Toiletiquette

Follow the Gospel of Toiletiquette

Aaron Brooks

September 28, 2010

Slow down! You forgot to wipe your butt. I know you just came from across campus and have class in one minute, but an extra 30 seconds of proper bathroom etiquette will not ruin your college career. I will first explain three general rules of bathroom etiquette, followed by two rules applicable to females, a...

Make money without a job. Try hard work

Logan Short

September 7, 2010

While Drake is singing about having money to blow amidst the country's worst economic crisis during my lifetime, I need a job, and after the Star's recent report about the lack of student jobs available on campus, it looks like my options are limited. "Don't limit your options to just student jobs," yo...