Northern Star

Destination Procrastination


Samantha Manahan

March 8, 2018

It’s finally March, the month of midterms, t-shirts and spring break. This year you decided to wait to plan a trip after your big tests, but now there’s not a decently-priced flight, and you’re left with broken dreams and no plans. Never fear! - Get ready to rev up your engines because, honey, you...

Spelling, grammar important to professionalism

Kayla Nebel

October 9, 2012

Professionalism is held in the highest regard by any institution that considers itself a credible source. An easy way for professionalism to be represented across the planes of white paper or through a computer screen is by using correct spelling and proper grammar. Any mistake in these two areas ca...

Students, professors have mixed feelings on what final exams should contain

Felix Sarver

December 4, 2011

Finals week has arrived and with it a variety of examinations that students must take. Depending on the class or the professor, students take multiple choice tests, write in-class and take home essays or participate in other activities. Anthony Ruelli, Sophomore pre-law psychology major, and Michael Agy...