Destination Procrastination



By Samantha Manahan

It’s finally March, the month of midterms, t-shirts and spring break. This year you decided to wait to plan a trip after your big tests, but now there’s not a decently-priced flight, and you’re left with broken dreams and no plans. Never fear! – Get ready to rev up your engines because, honey, you’re going to have to road trip.

Wisconsin Dells

If you’re look for a weekend trip or a destination getaway not too far from home, Wisconsin Dells is the place to go. The resorts can be family-friendly or “tailgate season” fun depending on who you road trip with this spring. Check out the water parks, mini golf and all the cheese you can while you’re there!

Nashville, Tennessee

In seven hours and fifty minutes, you could be in the Heart of Dixie, listening to Elvis Presley with a nice cold beer in your hand. Tennessee is known for its good food, great music and excellent bar-to-bar ratios, meaning if you’re looking to get a little rowdy this spring break, the south will keep you hot and your beer cold.


Be like me and road trip to Florida with your best pals. Disney is only 17 hours away from DeKalb, less than a day’s voyage! Here you can fight pirates, slay dragons or have a tea party with your favorite princesses. If fun and imagination isn’t your style, check out places like Miami or Daytona to hit up the parties and the beaches.

Whichever route you choose, don’t lose out on the opportunity to create memories with your best friends this spring break. There’s nothing better than being happy, having fun and staying safe!