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A difference of $

Rising gas prices cause concern for students

By Ally Formeller | March 24, 2022
Gas prices are rising everywhere and have put a strain on students, which increases the use of carpooling a public transportation.

3 Podcasts Every College Commuter Should Listen To

By Victoria Lambton | October 1, 2017

Almost every college commuter student knows what it feels like to make the journey to class day after day. Whether it's the interminable ride to school or the long, treacherous walks from building to building, commuting daily can be a tedious act. Spotify...

Commuters: Resources for having a safe trip back to campus

By Arthur Aumann | February 3, 2015

A weekend blizzard blanketed the Midwest in snow and led to class being canceled at NIU, but classes resumed Tuesday.The blizzard left more than a foot of snow in DeKalb and 22 inches by Lincolnshire, which was the highest accumulation in the state, according...

Fax problems delay course add/drops for commuters

By Alex Fiore | January 27, 2011

Students who commute to NIU may have difficulty adding or dropping a course within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. As of Wednesday afternoon, the college was unable to receive faxes from outside the university, said Jill Boersma, director of...