Northern Star

Republican stigma unjustified

Ian Tancun

March 20, 2017

Anti-Republican backlash, which has grown nationally since Election Day, is reflective of challenges associated with being a Republican in President Donald Trump’s America. Challenges that make organizations like NIU College Republicans crucial in helping educate people on what Conservatives actually ...

What does Glenn Beck’s departure from Fox News mean for America?

Nathan Fulkerson

April 24, 2011

After a short three years on the Fox News channel, Glenn Beck is leaving his show. I guess we might as well chalk it up as a victory for the evil liberal conspiracy that only we in the journalism business must be privy to. The Christian Science Monitor reports that his departure may have a lot to do ...

Why is there so much opposition to women’s rights?

Nathan Fulkerson

March 27, 2011

Women are once again under attack, faced with a slew of anti-abortion bills, a campaign against Planned Parenthood and other measures. This new wave of conservative activism is riding the energy of the so-called budget crisis, coming like a thief in the night under a guise of "fiscal responsibility" ...