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The Workers Rights Amendment appeared on the 2022 midterm ballot and passed with a majority vote.

Workers’ Rights Amendment passes in Illinois

By Eddie Drinkwine | November 15, 2022

DeKALB – Amendment 1, or the Workers' Rights Amendment, passed on Nov. 14 with 58% of the vote, making Illinois the fourth state, along with Hawaii, Missouri and New York, to ensure the right to collective bargaining in its constitution and the first...

Tutt ready to come out of Terre Haute with honors to her name

By Marcel Carrasco | November 21, 2019

DeKALB – All-American is the ultimate goal.That is what 2019 Mid-American Conference Champion Ashley Tutt said she is ready to fight for."I am so excited to be able to compete at such a prestigious event," Tutt said. "I am confident going into the race,...

Pass/Fail: First 5,000 gun licenses sent out, Teachers assign work over break

By Blake Glosson | March 6, 2014

Pass: First 5,000 gun licenses sent outThe first 5,000 licenses from more than 50,000 Illinois applicants for concealed carry were approved and mailed on Friday, according to the Chicago Tribune.This marks a long-anticipated moment following a December...

Student Association’s constitution is discussed in SA senate meeting

By Erin Kolb | April 7, 2013

The Student Association (SA) Senate met Sunday night to discuss changes to the SA constitution. During Sunday’s meeting, a resolution was proposed to amend the SA constitution to require a minimum GPA of 2.5 to serve on the SA Senate, up from the previous...

First Amendment still applies today

By Holly New | December 2, 2012

Even baby Jesus can’t come without controversy. For the 17th time, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has placed its “Natural Nativity Scene” in the first-floor rotunda in the Wisconsin State Capitol, located in Madison. This scene depicts...

Groups gather at The House Cafe to petition against recent Supreme Court ruling

By Linze Griebenow | November 18, 2011

"This is like velociraptor capitalism, like ‘eat-everything-in-your-path capitalism,'" said Sycamore resident Hannah Dwyer.Local economic justice activist groups gathered Thursday at The House Café, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, in hopes of obtaining petition...

Should corporations be protected under the constitution? Yes.

By Parker Happ | September 28, 2011

Having benefitted from the Bush tax cuts, and roughly 10 years of derailing government oversight, the American corporate world as it exists today would make Gordon Gekko blush. Certainly, American corporations proved growth is possible in even today's...

Should corporations be protected under the constitution? No.

By Aaron Brooks | September 28, 2011

The focus of today's debate rests in the Supreme Court's 2010 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. In that decision, the court overturned a century of precedent excluding corporations from "free" speech and legislation setting limits...

Ill. legislators remain split on concealed carry

By Brittany Swinton | September 14, 2011

The May defeat of concealed carry legislation left some Illinois residents upset. U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren released a press statement addressing a letter he recently sent to Illinois lawmakers regarding concealed carry legislation. In the letter, Hultgren...

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Westboro Baptist case was correct

By Aaron Brooks | March 23, 2011

I have no right to say that my editor, Philip Case, has sex with goats. First, his sexual preference has no substantial political, social or community concern. Second, if this was true, it would not affect the operation or functioning of the Northern...

Hateful rhetoric should not be considered free speech

By Kathryn Minniti | March 23, 2011

Apparently the U.S. Supreme Court believes our Constitution allows the members of the Westboro Baptist Church to spew their hateful, homophobic slurs at military funerals. Their signs say things like "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "No Tears for Queers."...