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DeKalb should introduce non-alcoholic bars to residents

By Holly New | April 21, 2013

The definition of “bar” could soon see a change. The Other Side is a bar setting to open sometime this month in Crystal Lake. What makes this bar so different is that it won’t serve any alcohol. One of the goals stated on The Other Side’s website...

What not to do on the Huskie Bus

By Colin Remes | October 30, 2011

Many students at NIU use the bus system to get around campus. One of the largest "bus-utilizing-student-populations", are those who dwell in the Eco Park area and use the 05 bus. I am a member of that populace. This is my senior year at NIU, and I am...

What’s the best way to enjoy Homecoming weekend?

What’s the best way to enjoy Homecoming weekend?

By Aaron Brooks | October 13, 2011

Parker Happ Columnist My roommate and I encountered a less than sociable person while traveling home on Hillcrest last weekend. Some hot mess decided a fence line would be a great place for a drunken nap, despite being in full view of the road. With a...

Despite controversy, Four Loko still available in DeKalb

By David Matz and Jack Baker | November 28, 2010

College campuses around the country are abuzz about the controversial caffeinated alcoholic drink Four Loko. In a press release dated Nov. 17, the Food and Drug Administration warned four companies that produce caffeinated alcoholic drinks that caffeine...

Always get a designated driver

By Kathryn Minniti | November 14, 2010

Stress gets to us, eventually. Some of us combat it by working out after work, others crack open an ice cold beer when they get home. Well, apparently, one Tinley Park man could not do that. In a story on TribLocal from reporter Ashley Rueff, a man was...

Don’t drink and talk about serious subjects

By Logan Short | September 15, 2010

Imagine that I am writing this column absolutely hammered. How many typos do you think there would be? Would my arrangement of ideas be sporadic? Would I say some things that are inappropriate and possibly even libelous? Let me assure you, I would. I'd...