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Downing of jet in Iran reveals Islamic Republic’s wider woes

By JON GAMBRELL | January 27, 2020

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The Ukrainian jetliner stood ready for takeoff at Iran's main international airport bound for Kyiv, packed with passengers and so many bags on one of the cheapest routes to the West that the ground crew rushed to unload...

China temporarily bans wildlife trade in wake of outbreak


BEIJING (AP) — Chinese authorities temporarily banned the trade of wild animals Sunday following a viral outbreak in Wuhan, saying they will “severely investigate and punish” violators.Local authorities will “strengthen inspections and severely...

Britain’s EU Journey: When the EU faced its biggest crisis

By PAN PYLAS | January 26, 2020

LONDON (AP) — Britain officially leaves the European Union on Jan. 31 after a debilitating political period that has bitterly divided the nation since the 2016 Brexit referendum.Difficult negotiations setting out the new relationship between Britain...

In recording Trump asks how long Ukraine can resist Russians


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump inquired how long Ukraine would be able to resist Russian aggression without U.S. assistance during a 2018 meeting with donors that included the indicted associates of his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani.“How...

Advisers provide crucial resources

Advisers provide crucial resources

By Jordan Radloff | November 10, 2019

Academic advisers are the most important source of assistance for choosing classes. Without proper guidance, picking classes that fulfill general education and degree requirements can be a confusing process. There are many useful resources students should...

U.S Customs and Border Patrol arrested 376 Central Americans Jan. 14 in southwest Arizona, after they dug underneath barriers to the U.S.

U.S. Border situation is far from a crisis

By Noah Thornburgh | January 21, 2019

The government shutdown continues into its fourth week, caused by a so-called “crisis” at the border that is neither new nor dire.Border apprehensions have been on a stark downward trend since the early 2000s, according to a 2014 Pew Research Center...

University supports closing wage gap

By Lisa Lillianstrom | December 2, 2018

Women work hard for their money but get paid less than men despite doing the same job, which is why it is so important NIU hosted “Closing The Gender Pay Gap.”The event was attended mostly by faculty with a low student turnout. More students should...

University did its due-diligence with Northwestern Medicine partnership

By Northern Star Editorial Board | November 28, 2018

The Northern Star Editorial Board would like to commend the NIU administration for their efforts in job transitioning concerning the recent approval of the Northwestern Medicine partnership, which will take effect as early as January.The partnership was...

Road maintenance tax presents an effective use of city savings

Road maintenance tax presents an effective use of city savings

By Lucas Skye | July 23, 2018

DeKalb is giving their residents more bang for their buck regarding their garbage fees and road repairs.DeKalb City Council recently decided to switch waste management services from Waste Management Inc. to the more affordable Lakeshore Recycling System.This...

Starbucks sets positive example by working to reduce waste

By Lucas Skye | July 16, 2018

America should follow Starbucks’ lead by banning disposable plastic straws.Starbucks is setting a great example by eliminating plastic straws from their locations globally by 2020, according to a July 9 press release by the company. The change stems...

Fire Truck is parked in the garage at the first DeKalb Fire House, 700 Pine St. 

City Council looks to staffing solutions

By Jessie Kern | June 25, 2018

DEKALB - The current topic of conversation among DeKalb City Council members encompasses the measures being taken to pilot the city manager search and recruitment process.During the June 18 Special Committee of the Whole meeting, City Council members...

City’s restaurant growth shows economic change

City’s restaurant growth shows economic change

By Keisha Howerth | December 2, 2013

The city’s economic situation is showing “positive signs” as more restaurants open.DeKalb is pursuing retail and restaurant opportunities that may interest students, along with residential growth. Roger Hopkins, the city’s economic development...