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Greek Row sits empty on a night in October. Policing Greek Row has been a contentious topic, whether the status quo should stay or if the university and police should take control.

How should Greek Row be policed?

By The Editorial Board | May 2, 2011

Within the past two years, there have been two high-profile gun incidents in DeKalb involving members of NIU's Greek community. On Feb. 19, 2010, NIU student Zachary Isaacman shot another student, Brian Mulder, outside of Stevenson Towers. At the time,...

With a 35-81 career record at NIU, on the verge of a fourth straight 20-loss season, it is time for Ricardo Patton and NIU to go their separate ways.

The Patton Problem: ‘An unacceptable situation’

When you have a horse with a broken leg, it seems natural to put it out of its misery. The legs of NIU's men's basketball program have been broken for far too long. As a head coach at NIU, Ricardo Patton has been a perennial failure, not only for the...

NIU’s Late Night Ride Service abused by students, DeKalb residents

By Northern Star Editorial Board | February 13, 2011

NIU's Late Night Ride Service is a glorified taxi. Nobody in charge of the service wants you to think so, but it is. That's what it has become. According to an article in Friday's Northern Star, 992 rides were given by LNRS between the dates of Nov. 6...

Poor understanding leads to poor actions

By Northern Star Editorial Board | February 3, 2011

Do you know what is in the U.S. Constitution? Do you know all of your rights? Do you know what the government can and cannot do to you? Well, chances don't know. In 2006, the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum released a study showing that more...

Editorial board should take its own advice

By Letter Writer | November 15, 2010

The editorial board of the Northern Star Wednesday looked into the fact that recruitment needs emphasis. I completely agree, but I think we need to look closely at how this process works. Yes, the university does get some bad press, but one of our best...

Do us a favor and stop hating your school, and get involved

By Editorial Board | November 11, 2010

There's a problem on this campus that stinks to high heaven, and that problem is one of self-loathing. NIU is facing image problems stemming from the recent events revolving around the Antinette Keller homicide investigation, crimes close to campus and...

Recruitment needs emphasis

By Editorial Board | November 10, 2010

  Recruitment, enrollment and student retainment are all concerns of any university, especially when the economy is taken into consideration. Beginning with the Feb. 14 shootings, there has been a rise in the number of violent crimes on campus and in...

SA deserves praise for new bylaws policy

By Editorial Board | November 8, 2010

Is atheism a religion? Is a group that openly supports a position on abortion still just a social group? Is lobbying for the decriminalization of marijuana a political activity? There are no right answers here, and the answers are really up for debate...

An open letter to Clay Campbell

By Editorial Board | November 3, 2010

First off, a congratulations to you, Mr. Campbell, on your victory. Although we endorsed your opponent, we believed that both of you were qualified candidates for the position and that, no matter who was elected, you would have served DeKalb County admirably....

Editorial: Mixed reception to university-wide pay raise

By Editorial Board | October 27, 2010

For a couple years now, NIU has been weathering a terrible storm of financial calamity. First, state support for the university (indeed, for all institutions of higher education) has been eroding, slowly but surely. Couple this with the fact that the...

Little information on Keller raises community fears

By Editorial Board | October 25, 2010

The NIU community waited with bated breath since Saturday for updated information on the status of the death investigation of NIU student Antinette Keller. By today, though, everyone is breathless from trading rumors, allegations and unanswered questions...

White for Secretary of State

By Editorial Board | October 18, 2010

The Northern Star Editorial Board has chosen to endorse Jesse White for Illinois Secretary of State. For 12 years, White has been there for the citizens of this state. According to his website, "White's office issues state ID cards, vehicle license plates...