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Be aware of the risks on Snapchat

By Northern Star Editorial Board | December 1, 2014

Students who are sending nude photos or photos of drug paraphernalia to huskie_snaps should think twice before doing so.Snapchat, a photo messaging app, enables users to send photos or video clips, called snaps, which can be viewed for up to 10 seconds....

Rising ticket price could make travel harder for students

By Northern Star Editorial Board | October 16, 2014

Students should make clear their opinions on a potential Metra ticket price increase from $7.25 to $8.25 before a final vote on the fare hike.Comments on Metra’s budget will be solicited at a Nov. 5 public hearing for Geneva and Kane County at 4 p.m....

Turn Master Plan Thesis into action

By Northern Star Editorial Board | September 11, 2014

In the wake of declining enrollment, it is time NIU informs the community of a clear plan to attract and retain students.One of the main purposes of NIU President Doug Baker’s Master Plan Thesis is to increase enrollment and retention. The project has...

Internet policy outrage was preventable with notification

By Northern Star Editorial Board | August 28, 2014

NIU could and should have prevented misunderstanding of the warning pages that appeared when using campus Internet last week, sparking outrage across the Web.Some mistook the warning notices — which could be bypassed — for notices a page was blocked,...

NIU needs to adopt more realistic goals

By Northern Star Editorial Board | February 25, 2014

NIU spokesman Paul Palian said Vision 2020’s goals  — improved enrollment in quantity and quality and higher retention and graduation rates, among other things — are still benchmarks for the university, but they are “constantly being reviewed...

‘No’ to emails helps reporters

By Northern Star Editorial Board | February 6, 2014

Northern Star staff members pride themselves on their professionalism and their duty to report the truth.To ensure nothing but the truth is reported, the Northern Star does not allow email interviews. Northern Star journalists also do not send interview...

General education has flawed thinking

By Robert Schneider | February 6, 2014

The Northern Star Editorial Board asks, “Why can’t gen. ed courses teach information with real-life applications?” To answer I have to refute three common misconceptions:First, that classes should “teach information.” Gen. eds that only convey...

Editorial: Parking problems need fixes

By Northern Star Editorial Board | September 12, 2013

Commuter parking has been an issue this semester.Parking Services sold a large number of passes to commuters this semester, which is the department’s job — but it has caused higher demand for available spaces.According to a Monday article in the Northern...

New president has a lot of work ahead

By The Editorial Board | April 3, 2013

Doug Baker, former provost and executive vice president at the University of Idaho, was appointed NIU’s 12th president during Tuesday’s Board of Trustees’ meeting. The Editorial Board got the opportunity to speak with Baker and open a dialogue we...

Questions we would’ve asked the presidential candidates

By The Editorial Board | April 1, 2013

In this time of confusion surrounding the selection of NIU’s new president, the university has been reluctant to release information about the candidates. What has been released to the Northern Star is a list of more 200 sample questions from a packet...

Faculty Senate discusses presidential search

By Logan Love | March 27, 2013

The presidential search was discussed in depth at the Faculty Senate meeting Wednesday. A new policy for joint appointed faculty members was recommended for the University Council and the Student Association (SA) asked for the faculty’s support in improving...

NIU presidential candidates: Please come forward

By Northern Star Editorial Board | March 24, 2013

The Northern Star Editorial Board is asking you to come forward. After seeing the FBI on campus— across the street from our office, in fact—we realized this school needs an open leader now more than ever. In the Board’s “Clean Slate” editorial...