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Lot C sits half full during morning classes on Friday. During peak times, Lot C parking spots are often scarce as commuters and professors share paid spaces at the center of campus, close to many of the liberal arts buildings. (Totus Tuus Keely | Northern Star)

NIU faculty parking should be free

By Alberto Briones, Opinion Columnist | February 6, 2024

Parking fees may seem irrelevant in higher education, since most of the focus is on salaries, health insurance or retirement plans. Free parking for NIU instructors and staff is a tiny but meaningful gesture that may boost employee happiness and well-being. Sandy...

Students are paying tens of thousands to attend NIU. It’s important to know where your money is going and how it is being used to benefit your college experience.

NIU students deserve to know what their fees pay for

By Yusra Jaleel, Opinion Columnist | September 14, 2022

Northern Illinois University’s affordable tuition is an appealing and recognizable feature of the school. However, when the “general fee” charged to students each semester amounts to 22.27% of the cost of tuition – and is only the beginning of...

NIU is working to help those students who need it most, with its support of the DoublePell campaign.

Editorial: Doubling Pell Grant creates opportunity for success

By Northern Star Editorial Board | January 25, 2022
Doubling the Pell Grant would allow students a better opportunity for future success.
City Council discussed allocating more funds to street repairs, with the money coming from savings gained by DeKalb switching to a more affordable waste management service and the implementation of street maintenance fees.

Council discusses street fees

By Jessie Kern | July 16, 2018

DeKALB — City Council discussed adding a street maintenance fee by taking the savings from the controversial waste management company switch during Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.After City Council decided to move forward with the controversial...

NIU should show good, bad of changes in cost

By Northern Star Editorial Board | November 13, 2014

NIU needs to illustrate costs for all new students when comparing tuition, fees and room and board between the 2015 and 2016 academic school years.Next year’s new students will pay $578 less than the $23,284 in tuition, fees and room and board paid...

NIU cost of attendance cuts come with price for some

By Keith Hernandez | November 10, 2014

Full-time undergraduate students living on campus may see a reduction in the cost of attendance next year if the Board of Trustees approves committee recommendations.The Finance, Facilities and Operations Committee approved recommendations at a Thursday...

City introduces new tow policy

By Brooke Shinberg | March 5, 2013

A new tow policy in DeKalb is aimed at curbing rising crime rates by enacting a fee on drivers who are pulled over with outstanding criminal records. The new fee is included in DeKalb’s recent towing policy change, which states anyone pulled over who...

Budget cuts only disappoints Huskie Bus riders

Budget cuts only disappoints Huskie Bus riders

By Cody Laplante | February 12, 2013

We’ve all been there: at the bus stop, the wind blowing, the temperature dropping, the clock slowly showing that you are late for class and the bus is no where in sight. And when the bus does come, your relief is short-lived as you cram yourself between...

Apartment rates in DeKalb are too high for students

By Letter Writer | February 27, 2011

The apartment rates in DeKalb are extremely high. I feel that they are asking for a lot of money for students that are attending school; some students are not able to pay that much. I think they should have an option for monthly or semester leases. That...

NIU’s Late Night Ride Service abused by students, DeKalb residents

By Northern Star Editorial Board | February 13, 2011

NIU's Late Night Ride Service is a glorified taxi. Nobody in charge of the service wants you to think so, but it is. That's what it has become. According to an article in Friday's Northern Star, 992 rides were given by LNRS between the dates of Nov. 6...

Editorial: Your money, your voice

By Editorial Board | September 26, 2010

Democracy 101 is coming to campus this Tuesday and Wednesday with the Student Association's Senate elections.As an NIU student, you will have the opportunity to choose which of your peers will represent you, your interests and your money. But if history...