Northern Star

Question ‘gender boxes,’ masculinity

Ryan Lee

September 24, 2014

A lack of masculine discourse is being discussed at NIU due to the efforts of the renamed Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.Combining the Women’s Resource Center and the LGBT Resource Center into one facility, the centers were merged to make one that’s more inclusive of all genders and sexualities, includin...

‘Not the product of a sane mind’

DVD box art for 'Product of Society [the film].'

Chris Krapek

April 11, 2011

Some say comic book artist Jon Lennon is crazy. In fact, it was Ain't It Cool News who said his work "is not the product of a sane mind." Can you blame them? This is the guy who's books feature men shooting up their semen intravenously to get a fix. In Product of Society [the film], a new documentary...

NIU students pick their top ‘man movies’

Lilli Mauser

November 30, 2010

When I was 8 yearsold, my dad bought me my first goldfish and told me that we weregoing to watch one of the greatest movies of all time.That movie was"TheTerminator."From Arnold’s veryfirst "I’ll be back," I knew that my world had been unequivocallychanged forever.Most men seem tohave their solid "top fi...