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Flu campaign comes to campus

By Lark Lewis | October 9, 2013

NIU and DeKalb County are teaming up to take out “the bug.”To prevent influenza, the DeKalb County Health Department has implemented its The Flu Ends with U campaign. The campaign partners with NIU Health Services and encourages people to remember...

Stay healthy through flu season

By Ericka Exton | February 25, 2013

With temperatures rising and falling, high winds and no break in the everyday hustle and bustle, the flu has a home once again. The typical time for the flu to hit is usually between December and January, though this year has been a little different,...

Hospital crack down on flu vaccinations for employees is unethical

By Holly New | January 22, 2013

It may be cold and flu season, but more than fevers are rising. Tempers flare as hospitals are cracking down on the percentage of employees who are vaccinated from the flu virus, and some are starting to mandate the vaccine. Some hospitals, like those...

Simple steps to avoid flu, options available

By Northern Star Staff | October 11, 2012

Public Health Administrator Jane Lux said in a press release that she recommends an annual flu vaccination for everyone 6 months and older as the single best way to protect against influenza. In addition, everyone should practice the three C’s: cover...

Poor health comes with seasonal change

By Hailey Kurth | October 19, 2011

To blow, or not to blow. While sitting in class, many students are faced with the decision to blow their nose and disrupt the learning, or to suck it up. Pun intended. The season changing is a normal factor that contributes to the start of colds. There...

Why flu shots may not be worth the risk

Why flu shots may not be worth the risk

By Kathryn Minniti | January 25, 2011

At the start of the "flu season," everyone starts to rush off to receive their flu shots. However, when going through the positive and negative effects experienced by those who choose to get the flu shot, it is hard to believe that they are actually worth...

Free flu shots available in Dekalb

By Jessica Wells | January 19, 2011

With the peak season for influenza right around the corner, area establishments are offering free flu shots to anyone who has not been vaccinated this year. Jim Lehan, business director at Lehan Drugs, 1407 S. Fourth St., said they began offering flu...

Students consider getting flu shots

By Ryan Chambers | October 20, 2010

With colder months quickly approaching, students grapple with the decision on whether or not to get a flu shot. "Honestly, I don't know if I even want to get the flu shot," said Kenneth Stratton, freshman child psychology major. "I've heard too many bad...