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Huskie Battalion: Training prepares attendees for start, end of military careers

By Keith Hernandez | September 29, 2014

Prospective Army officers got a taste of their future careers while their leader neared the end of his own during a three-day training event this weekend.This year’s fall Leadership Training Exercise was the first of its kind for senior Cadet Jesspal...

Cadet Company Cmdr. Lauren Armendariz-Bast (MSIII) (left) coaches Jules Ruremesha as he operates his weapon while learning from simulation software during field training. Members of the ROTC participated in various training activities throughout the weekend.

War Games: ROTC cadets participate in training sessions

By Alan Kozeluh | October 1, 2012

Huddled in the middle of base camp in complete darkness, Cadet Company Cmdr. Lauren Armendariz-Bast (MSIII) confers with her cadets. “Make sure that everybody knows to stay in buddy teams at all times,” Armendariz-Bast says. “I don’t want anybody...

ROTC attends weekend retreat

By Andrea Azzo | October 2, 2011

Almost 100 students spent the weekend sleeping outside in frigid temperatures in Wisconsin's wilderness. Because of the cold temperature, many were covered in frost. The three-day weekend retreat served as mandatory training for the Reserve Officers'...

ROTC spends weekend in Wisconsin

By Nick LeDonne | September 28, 2010

The cold September night temperatures dropped down into the 40s, so low that most people would be begging for their warm beds, but not the cadets of NIU's ROTC. Over 60 NIU ROTC cadets took off in a Chinook helicopter Friday afternoon from the DeKalb...