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Math department gets journals back

By MaryJo Kratochvil | September 16, 2010

In February, when thousands of journals were relocated by the library, the math department faculty made it their mission to have their journals returned. The Faculty Senate addressed the move and Faculty Senate President Alan Rosenbaum said the journals...

The Founders Memorial Library is hosting The Long, Drawn Tale exhibit from now until September. The exhibit aims to distinguish the difference between graphic novels and comic books.

Exhibit denounces myths about graphic novels

By Troy Doetch | August 30, 2010

DeKALB | A graphic novel is just a big comic book, right? This kind of question would cause assistant libraries professor Wayne Finley to launch into scholarly discourse on the differences between the two art platforms. Coincidentally, that's exactly...

3 simple rules to computer lab etiquette

By Phil Case | August 24, 2010

It may be hard to imagine the amount of stress that lead to the consumption of ungodly amounts of caffeine and all-night knowledge benders when you’re still reading syllabi and learning the names of all of your classmates.  When that time inevitably...

Cadets Denna, Scott, Zastany and Reo race to the finish of the third challenge during last years ROTC Confidence Course Aug. 27, 2009.

ROTC kickoff event sure to be a challenge

By David Matz | August 24, 2010

Don't be surprised to see people climbing across a single rope bridge over the creek in front of Cole Hall this Thursday; it's just the first challenge in NIU's ROTC Challenge Course. From the Chick Evans Field House to the East Lagoon, parts of campus...