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Junior nursing student Quinita Johnson waits Tuesday to check in students at Stevenson South Towers.

Campus security needs updates

By Payton Higgins | September 18, 2019

Campus security proved its capabilities Sept. 7 with the arrest of Cinque C. Simmons, of Chicago. Simmons was a student at NIU until Sept. 7 when he was arrested at Huskie Stadium and charged with the possession of a firearm without a firearm owner’s...

Representative Underwood talks gun control, healthcare at town hall

By Kierra Frazier | September 5, 2019

U.S. Representative Lauren Underwood held a town hall for students on Tuesday and discussed how Congress plans to reauthorize the Higher Education Act this fall.The town hall meeting was the first one Underwood held specifically for college students....

Attendees listen as Trevada Redmond, of DeKalb, asks police leadership how they plan to hold themselves and their officers accountable.

Police chief promises daily updates on arrest statistics at community meeting

By Noah Thornburgh | September 5, 2019

At a community meeting Wednesday night, DeKalb Police Chief John Petragallo agreed to post a daily breakdown of arrests by race and economic status to the department’s social media, following a demand by a resident.DeKalb community members filled New...

Hate crimes cannot be masked by the police and media

By Ashley Hines | February 11, 2019

The softened language used by the media when discussing hate crimes dilutes the discriminatory motivation behind the injury.To recognize the true heinousness behind hate crimes, they must be addressed as such. Calling hate crimes what they are will open...

Students should support Violence Against Women Act reauthorization

By Northern Star Editorial Board | September 26, 2018

The Northern Star Editorial Board urges students to contact their legislators immediately to ensure the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act, which will expire Sept. 30 without action.VAWA, passed in 1994 by Bill Clinton, aims to support abused women...

Law enforcement hopes to improve relationship with students

By Sophia Mullowney | September 13, 2018

DeKALB - Campus and DeKalb police, various Greek organizations and students gathered at 5 p.m. Wednesday evening at Barsema Hall for a safety meet-and-greet intended to connect the campus with law enforcement.Various Greek liaisons and campus organizations...

False claims of rape should be jailable

By Mackenzie Meadows | April 30, 2018

False rape accusations take away from valid cases where rapists should be tried and convicted. Those who falsely accuses another of rape, and later admit to lying, should serve time in jail.Rape cases can be difficult to prove since physical evidence...

Walkout to protest inaction

Walkout to protest inaction

By Editorial Board | March 22, 2018

The Northern Star Editorial Board stands beside the brave individuals who spoke up against gun violence and agrees student participation in walkouts is essential in continuing the dialogue. We stand with students who choose to participate in the national...

Police response should be the same

Police response should be the same

By Editorial Board | February 15, 2018

There is no excuse for the way Philadelphia Eagles fans acted after the Feb. 4 Super Bowl, and the police force there absolutely should have handled it the same as any other violent public disturbance.Philadelphia Eagles fans are not the only sports fans...

Be aware of the risks on Snapchat

By Northern Star Editorial Board | December 1, 2014

Students who are sending nude photos or photos of drug paraphernalia to huskie_snaps should think twice before doing so.Snapchat, a photo messaging app, enables users to send photos or video clips, called snaps, which can be viewed for up to 10 seconds....

Guest Column: Don’t drive during Homecoming weekend

By Elliot Echols | October 12, 2011

"Welcome to Fort Knox." Beginning today, our campus and the surrounding community of DeKalb will be welcomed with the strong arm of the law.If this is your first college homecoming, let me first to say I am sorry for what you are about to encounter. Sadly,...