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Show support for vets throughout entire year

By AJ Edwards | November 12, 2013

Even though Veterans Day comes once a year, it’s never the wrong time to show your support and respect to veterans in your community. The holiday is a good opportunity to thank servicemen and women, but it’s just a reminder of the behavior we should...

Attending college later is no problem

By AJ Edwards | October 28, 2013

NIU is home to many types of students. One group in particular is the non-traditional students who decided to attend college a little later in life.When it comes to self-improvement, what better place to start than college? Life doesn’t always work...

Student veteran Levi Kammes served in the United States Marine
Corps for four years and is now a junior anthropology major and
president of the NIU Veterans Club.

Returned soldiers open up on experiences

By Chelsey Boutan | November 11, 2011

While he was working at a Target warehouse, Iraq veteran Levi Kammes was startled one day when he heard the pop, pop, pop of a nail gun. Kammes looked around nervously for a moment, but realized he was in DeKalb, a city about 6,000 miles away from Fallujah,...

Ex-military women speak about gender roles, equality in US service

By Alex Fiore | January 27, 2011

The role of women in the in the military was discussed Wednesday evening by a duo of former and current military members who are part of the NIU community. The discussion, titled "Man Up: Rethinking Masculinity in the Military" was held in the Illinois...

Military Student Services comes to NIU

By Jack Baker | September 15, 2010

Samuel Dreyer, freshman pre-physical therapy major, was nervous about his transition from the Marine Corps to NIU. But after meeting with Military Student Services during his orientation, that transition became much easier. "They gave me a packet full...