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A young woman in an online course taking notes at a desk.

Fill in the Blank: Online classes are…

By Emily Beebe | February 9, 2023

…Great Online classes can be great at times, because if you are like me and do not like talking to people, then online classes, especially asynchronous ones are great, because then you do not have to talk to people. You can also just do all of the...

A young woman taking notes while on her computer during an online class.

Poll: Do you pay attention during online classes?

By Angelina Padilla-Tompkins, Senior Opinion Columnist | January 31, 2023

Since the shutdown of the COVID-19 pandemic students have grown accustomed to taking courses from the comfort of their rooms. While the ability to attend classes might be easier online, are students actually paying attention?  A study of 253 university...

As a snowstorm ripped across the Midwest last week, many universities, including NIU, let professors decide whether or not their classes would be held online.

Online classes are a great alternative for snow days

By Parker Otto | February 7, 2022
Using online classes to eliminate snow days is a worthwhile endeavor.
A students laptop displays the opening screen for Blackboard, NIUs primary website for classes. Blackboard is still vital to classes no matter the method of instruction.

Fill in the blank: Best format of classes

COVID-19 has allowed for several new formats of classes to be normalized.
With the transition to in-person learning on the horizon, continuing to provide virtual classes will make learning more accessible for students.

Fill in the blank: Best online class platform

The best platform or app for online classes and meetings is... Jack Baudoin: Microsoft Teams During this global pandemic, there are multiple platforms that I have been using to attend class. While they are all good and all attain the same goal,...

5 more students test positive for COVID-19

Temporary in-person class shutdown is a positive move by university

By Danielle Elliott | September 17, 2020

NIU President Lisa Freeman sent out an email Friday to inform students that the university will temporarily be moving undergraduate courses online for two weeks due to the quick rise in students testing positive for COVID-19.  We are now nearly a...

Online course made by faculty, students

By Ali Combs | July 16, 2013

NIU students and faculty have collaborated to create a public online course.The course will be similar to the general education course Disability in Society, but will last 10 weeks instead of 16.The new online course, called Perspectives on Disability,...

Online classes are a necessity for some NIU students

By Kiara Herring | September 13, 2011

As of lately, I realized how ridiculously long my days are becoming. I'm on campus by 9 a.m., stuck in classes until 4 p.m., and ambushed by countless meetings and extra-curricular activities that usually keep me on campus until 9 or 10 p.m. Most days...