Online classes are a necessity for some NIU students

By Kiara Herring

As of lately, I realized how ridiculously long my days are becoming. I’m on campus by 9 a.m., stuck in classes until 4 p.m., and ambushed by countless meetings and extra-curricular activities that usually keep me on campus until 9 or 10 p.m. Most days I just want, no, need a break! Obviously I can’t quit my job for a few hours of breathing time. Nor am I in the position to change the days and meeting times of the different organizations I’m in.

Perhaps taking a few online courses would lighten the load.

If I could take some of my classes online at home, my day could be a little easier. I’m not saying online classes are easier than courses taken inside of the classroom, but having to spend less time on campus each day is easier on my schedule. Hey, everyone could use a few more hours of “me time”.

Granted, an online class may take a little more work. I can’t just raise my hand if I have a question, but sitting at home in my pajamas doing online work sounds a lot better than sitting in a lecture hall pretending to listen to the monotone voice in front of me.

“An online class would just seem so much easier,” said sophomore education major Alexis Sherard, “I’m on my computer all day anyway.”

Online classes really cut down on the time-consuming glitches that regular classes still have, especially classes with long-winded professors who go on long tangents without really making the point they set out to make.

Obviously, some distractions can occur while I’m doing “class work” on my laptop. Facebook and Twitter are just a little too tempting.

Let’s be real, right in the middle of a lecture, we scroll through our ‘time lines’ and check who’s commented on our newest status anyway.

It’s okay, we all do it, but do we really have the discipline to keep the social network sites away while we do work?

“As the world gets more advanced, students are way more likely to get distracted and not focus on what they really need to do,” said junior journalism major Jathia Macklin, “[Education] needs to be more hands-on. It’s better that way.”

But who are we to judge those who can’t discipline themselves (like me)? Maybe the idea of taking online classes sounds better than what it would actually be. The thought of lounging around all day in pajamas Tweeting my heart out might sound like a bad thing, but then again I could still get the work done if I’m responsible.

“I don’t think Facebook and Twitter can really affect school work. In the end it’s all about time management,” said senior journalism major Ryan Chambers.

Unfortunately, time management was never my thing. For me, I know sitting on my laptop without surfing the web is hard enough, but actually spending the time needed to learn anything from an online class just doesn’t seem very possible. But if it will free up some time I spend on campus, I will buckle down.