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Haley Galvin

Haley’s story: Balancing school and work while fighting cancer

By Haley Galvin | November 12, 2020

Being a college student and working at a newspaper was really hard last semester in the midst of the pandemic. Now, this semester, I am helping manage that newspaper, and I am battling cancer, while still taking five college courses. To say that it’s...

Haley Galvin with her boyfriend Matt.

Haley’s story: Dating while being diagnosed with cancer

By Haley Galvin | November 5, 2020

This is dedicated to my amazing and wonderful boyfriend Matt who I would be lost without.  Let’s start this off light. Trying to date while going through chemotherapy is honestly super hard. I can’t go on a date just anywhere. I have a compromised...

Haley Galvin receives an IV infusion during her fourth round of chemotherapy Oct. 30.

Haley’s story: Going through chemotherapy treatments

By Haley Galvin | October 29, 2020

Chemotherapy: the singular word that I have come to dread the most out of this whole experience. While I did have tumors removed, I decided I was going to go through with the six rounds of chemo that my specialist suggested in order to decrease the likelihood...