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Reality TV impacting USA too much

By Anthony Szudarski | August 29, 2012

Have you ever watched Jersey Shore and thought “Man, I could do that and be funnier?” Well, maybe you can. Brett Cohen, a 21-year-old resident of New York, was able to do just that. By hiring a couple guys off of Craigslist to follow him around and...

Editorial: Pension reform needs to look at big picture

By Northern Star Editorial Board | March 18, 2012

Six to eight times more retirements this year than in any other, $85 billion in unfunded liability, 50th out of all the U.S. states in adequate financing - this is what Illinois’ government has done to the pension system. Gov. Pat Quinn discussed the...

Quinn supports educational improvements during State of the State address

By Joe Palmer | February 1, 2012

State Senator Christine Johnson, R-Sycamore, said Gov. Pat Quinn avoided some major issues affecting Illinois in his State of the State address Wednesday. "The two biggest issues in Illinois right now are pension reform and the cost of Medicaid," Johnson...

Illinois Legislature

Illinois Legislature

By Seth Perlman | October 25, 2011

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn speaks with reporters in his office at the Illinois State Capitol Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011 in Springfield, Ill. An ambitious fall veto session is under way at the Illinois Capitol and Quinn says proposed changes haven't weakened...

Gov. Quinn promises to veto gambling bill after Ill. pastors send protest letter

Gov. Quinn promises to veto gambling bill after Ill. pastors send protest letter

By Thomas Verschelde | October 25, 2011

Senior Pastor Jon Hutchison of the United Methodist Church, 321 Oak St., said gambling expansion in Illinois is not a good way to raise money for the state. A gambling expansion bill caused great controversy in Illinois, leading hundreds of pastors across...

The Associated Press: Pat Quinn talks with reporters outside the
James R. Thompson Center in Chicago.

State-run facility shutdowns will leave nearly 2,000 people jobless

By Thomas Verschelde | September 27, 2011

About 2,000 people will lose their jobs as a result of a recent shutdown of state-run facilities. Gov. Pat Quinn said he was forced to cut state-run mental health centers in order for Illinois to stay within budget and blamed the Illinois General Assembly...

State funds may soon depend on graduation rates

By Felix Sarver | September 6, 2011

A portion of NIU's state funding may soon be dependent on how many graduates it produces. The Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) is working with colleges and universities to establish measurements of performance for funding. Performance funding...

Gov. Quinn appoints four members to NIU Board of Trustees

By Northern Star staff | May 9, 2011

DeKALB | On April 28, Gov. Pat Quinn appointed four members to the Board of Trustees at NIU.According to NIU Today, Quinn appointed two returning members, Marc J. Strauss and Cherilyn G. Murer, and two new members, Anthony A. Iosco and Robert T. Marshall...

DeKalb will receive partial reimbursements for $200,000 in blizzard expenses

March 30, 2011

DeKalb and 60 other counties in Illinois will see some money from the federal government soon. Because of the February blizzards, the government will reimburse counties up to 75 percent for labor and clearing expenses, according to the Federal Emergency...

Death penalty no longer possible in William Curl trial

By Junae Bennett | March 10, 2011

DeKALB | Prosecutors were considering seeking the death penalty against William Curl, the DeKalb man accused of murdering NIU student Antinette Keller. But that is no longer the case.On Wednesday, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law a bill that abolished...

Quinn introduces bill that could reduce number of Illinois school districts

By Danny Ciamprone | March 9, 2011

Gov. Pat Quinn introduced a bill that could cut the number of Illinois school districts from 868 to 300 if passed. Quinn said the bill would save taxpayers $100 million."Those guys must be crazy," said James Briscoe, superintendent of DeKalb School District...

State pays money owed to NIU for MAP grant funding

By Jessica Sabbah | March 2, 2011

During the Faculty Senate meeting Wednesday, it was announced that the state has paid a majority of the $12 million owed to NIU for MAP grant funding for fall 2010. Students had already received their awards and the money had been distributed to students...