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TikTok working with Chinese government to monitor user data causes privacy concern

By Jack Baudoin | January 21, 2020

With billions of people using social media, concerns regarding user security should be higher now than ever before. Social media is more popular than it has ever been, with 3.8 billion people using it in 2019, according to a Nov. 6 article by TheNextWeb.TikTok...

NIU weed policy benefits campus

By Hunter Weston | December 4, 2019

It may be too soon for students to celebrate marijuana legalization because NIU’s marijuana policy will still stand. This is a blessing in disguise.Beginning Jan. 1, recreational marijuana will be legal in Illinois. Residents of Illinois will be allowed...

Internet policy needs deadlines

By Northern Star Editorial Board | September 17, 2014

The Computing Facilities Advisory Committee and Chief information Officer Brett Coryell needs to set deadlines for revising the language in NIU’s Acceptable Use Policy.The university’s Acceptable Use Policy enforces use of NIU’s Internet network...

NIU’s printing policy doesn’t make sense

By Jack Baker | October 2, 2011

I hate NIU's policy that allows students to only print one copy of a document at a time in the computer labs on campus.It is just annoying, and because it is so easy to get around, it serves no purpose.I have forgotten about the rule multiple times and...

Lt. Dan Choi (center) meets with attendees Monday night at the Carl Sandburg Auditorium to talk about homosexuality in the military.

Lt. Dan Choi discusses his stuggles as an openly gay military member

By Dave Gong | April 25, 2011

Activist Lt. Dan Choi appeared at the Holmes Student Center Monday night to discuss activism and his personal struggles as an openly gay member of the United States military. A West Point graduate, Choi has been an active opponent of the military's "don't...

SA bylaws clarify some groups’ purpose

By Letter Writer | November 10, 2010

In response to the letter Wednesday regarding recent changes in the SA bylaws, the letter writer must understand that the only thing we have done is clearly spell out what qualifies a group to be classified as a "religious or political." There were no...

Disappointment over publication of derogatory comments

By Letter Writer | October 17, 2010

As NIU staff working to promote healthy body image among our students, we were disappointed that the Northern Star chose to publish a letter to the editor on Oct. 6, that commented on the Recreation Center's new dress code, and included derogatory comments...

Letter to the Editor: T-shirts will not stop MRSA

By Letter Writer | October 4, 2010

I am writing in regards to the article on wearing shirts at the Rec. I have e-mailed them three times and have been ignored. I did research on MRSA and learned that this rule does not protect us from MRSA and that there are much better ways in preventing...

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