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Research Rookies look at social ties

By Lauren Dielman | February 7, 2012

Our social ties as human beings affect our behavior and emotions, but freshman psychology major Rachel Murphy will look at the extent to which this occurs through her Research Rookies project with her mentor, Angela Grippo, assistant professor in the...

Students, professors have mixed feelings on what final exams should contain

By Felix Sarver | December 4, 2011

Finals week has arrived and with it a variety of examinations that students must take. Depending on the class or the professor, students take multiple choice tests, write in-class and take home essays or participate in other activities. Anthony Ruelli,...

Being financially independent may be easier than students think

By Chelsey Boutan | November 3, 2011

Brad Cripe, assistant professor of accounting, remembers what it was like to be a college student who was struggling financially. "I have a student loan bill that I will be paying off until I am well into my 60's, but I took out those loans because I...

Exploring the context of texting

By Felix Sarver | September 26, 2011

Junior NIU NGOLD student Matt Jennings, has a father who may be a pioneer of text-speak.Jennings said his dad likes to use letters and acronyms when texting him, some of which are his dad's own creation."He'll use ‘c home' to mean coming home," Jennings...