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Hate crimes cannot be masked by the police and media

By Ashley Hines | February 11, 2019

The softened language used by the media when discussing hate crimes dilutes the discriminatory motivation behind the injury.To recognize the true heinousness behind hate crimes, they must be addressed as such. Calling hate crimes what they are will open...

FILE - In this Jan. 2018 file photo Jeanne Ives, Illinois Republican Gubernatorial primary candidate speaks to the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board in Chicago. Gov. Bruce Rauner is trying to win a second term after becoming Illinois first Republican governor in a decade with promises to shake up Springfield and pass a business-friendly agenda. But first he faces a primary challenge from state Rep. Jeanne Ives, who jumped into the race after he angered conservatives with his actions on issues such as abortion and illegal immigration. (Rich Hein/Sun Times via AP File)

Illinois officials ignore prejudice

By Editorial Board | March 8, 2018

Elected officials should use their right of free speech when candidates who are attempting to unseat the representatives employ bigotry, hate and fear to win a race.

Republican Rep. Jeanne Ives has a bigoted political advertisement sarcastically “thanking” Gov. Bruce Rauner for his support of birth control, unions, sanctuary cities and for allowing grown men in dresses to use girls’ bathrooms, according to the ad.

Ives mocked the transgender community and inflamed the bathroom debate by mischaracterizing Rauner’s support of House Bill 1785. The ad depicts a man wearing a dress thanking Rauner because he can now use the women’s bathroom. This representation is inflammatory as Ives is insinuating the transgender community is illegitimate and bills that grant them equal rights are just tools for illegitimate members of the trans community to be sexual predators.

House Bill 1785 actually amends the Vital Records Act. The bill requires those who have undergone “gender transition treatment” to have a licensed health care or mental health care professional make a declaration about the individual’s transition before issuing an updated birth certificate with their new gender and name, according to the bill.

When Ives’ decision to run the commercial and its intent were questioned, her spokesperson doubled down and said “she is not pulling the ad because she is not intimidated by Gov. Rauner and what she called his paid party mouthpieces,” according to a Feb. 3 WGN article.

What’s most interesting about Ives’ political ad is Rauner never publicly denounced her bigoted ad; he remained silent on the topic altogether.

While Ives is in her own right to say and think what she wants about the transgender community, her ad is not a true reflection of the bill passed by Rauner.

Elected officials especially Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner ,should be representing all communities, and Ives’ misleading attack against Rauner was also an attack against the very communities Illinois elected officials are supposed to represent.

The only way to combat an individual’s right to spew hate and bigotry is by using the same right to counter their words.

People in power have an obligation as elected officials to use their voice to represent people. By staying silent, they aren’t doing their job.

BSU and TKE meet about racist Snapchat

By Sophia Phillips | April 20, 2017

DeKALB — Members of Tau Kappa Epsilon and the Black Student Union met Friday morning to discuss a video of a man in front of the TKE house using racial slurs that circulated after being posted on social media April 8.The discussion was facilitated by...

Racism discussed in speech

By Clarissa Hinshaw | January 19, 2017

­DeKALB —Former teacher Jane Elliot spoke to NIU community members in hopes of educating them about racism, just as she did in her famous 1960s classroom exercise.Elliott conducted the study following the death of Martin Luther king Jr. in order to...

Guest Column: Blackface shows racial intolerance

By Jabre Washington | November 16, 2015

Recently I came across a degrading, insensitive and highly racist image of what appears to be an NIU student. This young white woman had a blackface on and noted the context of the photo as “Once you go black you never go back.” She sent this photo...

Junior Communications major Jamael Clark recites an original poem entitled: And the Bleed Goes On Wednesday night at the Tunnels of Oppression interactive event on the third floor of Grant Tower B.

Social Justice Initiative Committee holds interactive event on oppression

By Erin Kolb | April 24, 2013

The Social Justice Initiative Committee gave students an opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of the oppressed Wednesday. The Tunnel of Oppression (T.O.O.) event started at Western Illinois University in the early 1990s, and NIU held its first event...

Letter to the editor: Columnist applies stereotype to self

By Letter to the editor | March 26, 2012

Dear Editor, This letter is in response to your publication of “(White) parents just don’t understand”, written by Linze Griebenow. “White people have what I like to call an alibi complex…when white people watch film or television and see someone...

Racial jokes may do more harm than good

By Taurean Small | February 7, 2011

When it comes to comedy, I was always the first person to laugh at the "distasteful jokes." Not because they're funny all the time, but because I felt the need to break the ice. I'm sure you can imagine how hard it is to entertain a crowd of people who...

Want an open discussion on race? You have to hear both sides

By Phil Case | November 29, 2010

Whenever the topic of racism gets brought up in the media, you will almost always hear someone arguing that it continues to exist because we, as a country, are unwilling to engage in an open discussion about race. Cable news anchors often present this...