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Students living in residence halls can download the official NIU app to check if washers and dryers are available to use.

How to avoid frustrations in residence halls’ laundry rooms

By Daija Hammonds, Managing Editor | November 15, 2022

Moving to campus in a different city can bring a lot of exciting times but also some challenges. You’re essentially living on your own, having to take care of yourself. One of the things that you have to start doing is your own laundry, if you weren’t...

Students should be more hygienic in residence halls

By Brooklynn Harper | October 10, 2016

More than 5,000 students living in residence halls must be aware of the increased health risks of community living and take action to protect themselves.Becoming ill is easy for students to when living in shared spaces like residence halls. A person with...

Residence hall students participate in a photo poll giving their opinion on the security door alarms.

History of the Week: Students adapt to security doors

By Northern Star staff | February 17, 2016

Residence hall students participate in a photo poll giving their opinion on the security door alarms.

Goodwill collecting donations from students moving out of res halls

By Northern Star staff | April 27, 2015

Goodwill will collect unwanted items from students moving out of residence halls Monday to May 11.Large blue containers will be placed in residence hall lobbies for students to drop off items they will not take home.Acceptable items include gently used...

Correct approach can aid freshmen retention

By Northern Star Editorial Board | March 18, 2014

Keeping freshmen enrolled for a full year — and past their first year — has proven difficult for NIU.NIU should focus on three issues that plague incoming freshmen: Tailoring general education requirements to majors, implementing effective financial...

NIU police

Services continue in cold

By Jack Manning | January 27, 2014

Campus police urge students to stay warm in the adverse weather conditions and to use the essential services provided by the school.NIU Police Chief Tom Phillips said on days when the university closes due to extreme weather conditions, only mandatory...

‘New Hall’ lacks name with purpose, reason

By Holly New | September 10, 2013

New Hall has one of the most unoriginal names for a residence hall.Think about it: The other residence halls have legitimate names. We can tell they are actually named after someone. In fact, four of them are named after famous politicians: President...

NIU to require on-campus living for 2 years

By Robert Baird | May 6, 2013

William Heinisch, DeKalb Area Rental Association (DARA) president, expects NIU’s 2015 second-year residential requirement to cause the vacancy of 400 to 500 rental units in DeKalb. The residential housing rule will require second-year students to live...

Heating returns to residence halls in time for chilly weather

By Erin Kolb | November 12, 2012

Until last week, the heat in the residence halls were not turned on, leaving some students feeling cold. “I had to sleep in three layers of clothes for awhile,” said freshman humanities major Michelle Meyer. Michael Stang, executive director of Housing...

Students feel effects of changing weather

By Perri Killam | April 9, 2012

Illinois’ weather has brought both chills and heat to NIU recently. After some unseasonably warm weather, and then a bout of cold weather shortly after, students and staff are wondering how the air conditioning on campus operates. “Mother Nature doesn’t...

A garbage bag sits atop a trash can in Stevenson Towers. Improperly disposing of garbage is one of many common floor fines.

Residence hall fines aim to correct student behavior

By Felix Sarver | February 27, 2012

Brianna Henson said she does not think charging students for messes and damages other students create is fair. The freshman physical therapy major said she was once charged for damages made in the boy’s bathroom in her dorm. People clogged up a urinal...