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A female ROTC cadet crouches during a ROTC field exercise.

Military ban raises equality discussion on campus

By Kevin Steiger | January 29, 2013

After news broke that the ban on females in combat roles would be abolished by 2016, students and Huskie Battalion members reacted to the prospect of posts being available to women for the first time. On Thursday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced...

Members of ROTC wait in line to participate in a event at the Combat Water Survival Test.

ROTC teaches basics of underwater combat

By Shelby Page | December 2, 2012

Shayne Hayes felt nervous as he plunged into the pool. The freshman ROTC cadet was about to participate in his first water combat test. He had to complete the 15-meter rifle swim event, where he was required to swim across the pool with his equipment...

NIU to observe Military Appreciation Week

By Northern Star Staff | October 10, 2012

NIU will observe Military Appreciation Week on Nov. 4 and Nov. 9, said Scott Peska, director of Military Student Services, in an email. The week will give the community a chance to appreciate student veterans, active duty military members and the ROTC...

Cadet Company Cmdr. Lauren Armendariz-Bast (MSIII) (left) coaches Jules Ruremesha as he operates his weapon while learning from simulation software during field training. Members of the ROTC participated in various training activities throughout the weekend.

War Games: ROTC cadets participate in training sessions

By Alan Kozeluh | October 1, 2012

Huddled in the middle of base camp in complete darkness, Cadet Company Cmdr. Lauren Armendariz-Bast (MSIII) confers with her cadets. “Make sure that everybody knows to stay in buddy teams at all times,” Armendariz-Bast says. “I don’t want anybody...

Northern Star Cadets work together to flip over their liferaft
without touching the ground.

ROTC leadership labs build cooperation

By Linze Griebenow | February 19, 2012

Guiding your classmate to safety after a grenade has left them blind is not part of a typical day for most college students.However, NIU's ROTC program has students simulating these and other situations every Thursday.Sgt. 1st Class Frederick Harris,...

Celebrating our veterans 365 days a year

By Colin Remes | February 7, 2012

It's great and wonderful that we celebrate Veteran's Day once a year. A day when everyone as a nation is reminded to recognize those who serve, make sacrifices and sometimes give their lives to protect our freedoms. There are, however, another 364 days...

An ROTC member rehearses for a mission in Marseilles in March.
The mission was just part of the spring field training exercises
for the NIU ROTC.

ROTC competes in four-mile course

By Chelsey Boutan | October 21, 2011

Not many people can say they have dragged cement blocks, climbed over 12 foot high walls or carried a 35 pound backpack across six miles of rugged terrain. Lt. Colonel David Dosier said the Huskie Battalion participates in local competitions like the...

ROTC attends weekend retreat

By Andrea Azzo | October 2, 2011

Almost 100 students spent the weekend sleeping outside in frigid temperatures in Wisconsin's wilderness. Because of the cold temperature, many were covered in frost. The three-day weekend retreat served as mandatory training for the Reserve Officers'...

ROTC cadets jump into action at the Huskie Stadium during repelling practice

By Olivia Willoughby | September 15, 2011

Thursday morning, ROTC cadets from NIU and Kishwaukee College practiced their repelling skills on 25 and 40 foot towers at the Huskie Stadium.ROTC's fourth lab of the year incorporated what students normally see in war movies: jumping off backwards from...

Student Association Organizational Expo to highlight student groups

By Juliana Leprich | September 13, 2011

Students looking to get involved in a club or organization or just to see what opportunities are available at NIU can find some answers today.The Student Association's Organizational Expo will take place at Central Park from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. The expo...

Who’s side are you on?

By Brian Belford | August 31, 2011

The NIU ROTC cadets had to have seen this coming for some time now.As the Army football team rolls into town Saturday, one would think the cadets on campus might be conflicted over who to root for.Will they root for the team that represents the United...

Cadet Gim Reo looks out the window of a helicopter just before take off from DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport on Friday afternoon.

ROTC members gain valuable experience on weekend training trip

By Kyla Gardner | March 27, 2011

Marseilles | Cadet Randa Hamadeh runs through the forest as fast as she can; down one hill, up another. Thorny bushes grab her uniform and whip across her face. This is crazy, she thinks. Her squad of 12 cadets was sent on a reconnaissance mission to...