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Twitter, Pinterest crack down on voter misinformation

By DAVID KLEPPER | January 30, 2020

Twitter and Pinterest are taking new steps to root out voting misinformation designed to suppress participation in the November elections.Twitter unveiled a new tool Wednesday that will make it easier for users in the U.S. to report tweets containing...

Election officials get training before 2020 voting begins

By CHRISTINA A. CASSIDY | January 30, 2020

WASHINGTON (AP) — When state election officials gathered ahead of the last presidential election, major topics were voter registration, identity theft and ballot design. This year, the main theme is election security.The change since 2016 underscores...

Postal workers union with 200,000 members endorses Sanders

By WILL WEISSERT | January 30, 2020

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Bernie Sanders was endorsed Thursday by the 200,000-member American Postal Workers Union, an influential group that also backed the Vermont senator's presidential bid against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic presidential...

The guillotine: Brexit ends election roles for expat Britons

By JOHN LEICESTER | January 30, 2020

SAINT-MARTIAL-SUR-ISOP, France (AP) — For many Britons living in towns and villages across Europe, the stroke of midnight Friday will mean losing the right to vote and run for office, with Brexit acting as an electoral guillotine on those privileges.From...

Illinois discloses fresh problems with voter registration

By SOPHIA TAREEN | January 29, 2020

CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois elections officials disclosed fresh problems Wednesday with the state's automatic voter registration program, including at least one eligible voter who said she registered to vote but ended up on an opt-out list.The program is...

Appeals court weighs Florida law on felon voting rights


ATLANTA (AP) — Lawyers for the electoral battleground state of Florida asked a federal appeals court on Tuesday to set aside a ruling that allowed some felons to regain access to the ballot box despite owing fines and other legal debts.Florida Republicans,...

Appeals court throws out Arizona ballot harvesting law


PHOENIX (AP) — A federal appeals court ruled Monday that a 2016 Arizona law that bars anyone but a family member or caregiver from returning early ballots for another person violates the Voting Rights Act and the Constitution.The ruling from the 9th...

Illinois to continue voter registration program after error

By SOPHIA TAREEN | January 27, 2020

CHICAGO (AP) — Gov. J.B. Pritzker said Monday that there are no plans to suspend Illinois' automatic voter registration program as election officials work to contain the fallout from more than 500 people being mistakenly registered.A "programming error”...

Lessons learned from 2016, but US faces new election threats

By CHRISTINA A. CASSIDY | January 26, 2020

It’s been more than three years since Russia's sweeping and systematic effort to interfere in U.S. elections through disinformation on social media, stolen campaign emails and attacks on voting systems. U.S. officials have made advances in trying to...

Volatility defines Democratic race as candidates flood Iowa

By BILL BARROW | January 25, 2020

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Democratic presidential candidates roared back into Iowa on Saturday touting fresh endorsements, critiquing their rivals and predicting victories in the caucuses that will soon launch the process of deciding who will challenge...

First time voting wasn’t what they said

By Sam Malone | November 6, 2018

I’ll admit it: I was one of the 43 percent of eligible Americans that didn’t vote in the 2016 Presidential Election, but I did vote in the 2018 Midterm Elections; not only did I vote, but I voted for the first time in my life.In 2016, I became eligible...

Midterm Elections take place Tuesday Nov. 6, and students can still register to vote.

Students can still register to vote

By Northern Star Staff | November 6, 2018

Midterm Elections take place Tuesday Nov. 6, and students can still register to vote.