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Top 10 reasons to vote

By Erica Wood-Bedi | October 28, 2012

1. Your parents raised you right: You weren’t raised to sit in a corner and let everyone else make decisions for you. They told you to stand up for yourself, right? Well, that hasn’t changed just because you’re an adult. Instead of standing up for...

Early voting begins on campus

By Samantha Brockett | October 22, 2012

DeKalb County offered early voting and registration in the Holmes Student Center’s Art Gallery Lounge on Monday. Students and residents can register if they missed the deadline to register in October. Early voting and registration are being offered...

A supreme waste of time

By Anthony Szudarski | September 12, 2012

All hail Vermin Supreme. Do I have your attention? Now, with a name like that, I’m sure you’re thinking of some cartoon super villain—an oversized rat or something. That’s what I thought the first time I heard the name. Imagine my surprise when...

New legislation may change voter identification requirements

By Mary Diamond | March 19, 2012

Voters in Illinois may be required to show photo identification at the polls on election day, if current legislation is passed. SB2496 was introduced by Illinois State Senator Kyle McCarter in October of 2011 and is co-sponsored by 15 other republican...

DeKalb County Treasurer Mark Todd to seek retention

By Northern Star staff | November 8, 2011

DeKalb County Treasurer Mark Todd plans to seek retention for his position. Todd was appointed to the position Feb. 12 to fill Christine Johnson's term. Johnson was appointed to the State Senate.Todd said he wants to bring efficiency to the Treasurer's...

Dekalb county redistricts voting precints, NIU students will be able to vote in one place

By Dave Gong | April 24, 2011

The DeKalb County Clerk's Office is consolidating and redistricting voter precincts across the county. Every 10 years, the county clerk analyzes the voter precincts within DeKalb. According to a release from the DeKalb County Clerk's Office, precincts...

Vote on Tuesday for new city council

By Letter to the Editor | March 31, 2011

On Tuesday, April 5, NIU students and staff will have an opportunity to positively change the direction of the city of DeKalb. Yes, Election Day is once again upon us. This election will give DeKalb voters a chance to change the make-up of city council...

Proposed voter registration laws are undemocratic

Proposed voter registration laws are undemocratic

By Philip Case | March 20, 2011

The most telling indicator of whether a society is truly democratic is the ability of its citizens to freely and openly voice their opinions. This fundamental right takes its form in many incarnations, such as protesting, handing out pamphlets or standing...

United States treasurer speaks to NIU Tuesday on Latino leadership

By Candice Beasley | March 9, 2011

DeKALB | About 200 people came to hear U.S. Treasurer Rosie Rios talk about her life and her influence on the Latino community. Rios is the first Latina treasurer to be appointed by a Democratic president, and the sixth Latina to have served in the position....

Young people are not politically apathetic

Young people are not politically apathetic

By Logan Short | March 2, 2011

There is no doubt in my mind that younger people are some of the least motivated or educated when it comes to politics. Are they willfully avoiding politics, though? I don't think so. Younger people are just that; they are young. It takes a while for...

Dissecting how your vote is counted

By Jessica Wells | November 4, 2010

After making their voices heard with a ballot, a voter may wonder what process occurs to tally their votes. DeKalb City Clerk Steve Kapitan said the city has been using optical scan readers to count the ballots since before the 2000 election. The optical...

Campaign ads catch attention, annoy others

By Leah Spagnoli | November 2, 2010

With all the buzz for elections, what is students' main source for information? Between radio and television advertisements playing constantly, student voters have a plethora of ways to choose who they're voting for. The Associated Press reported that...