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Students take down zombies in game

Students take down ‘zombies’ in game

By Brian Guttman | October 9, 2013

Students have until Friday to resist their zombie overlords.The Humans vs. Zombies weeklong fall game has human and zombie teams squaring off until Friday night. The game started Sunday and the infection will sweep across campus as students on the human...

‘World War Z’ zombies kill it in the theater

By Patrick Pastrana | July 1, 2013

Since “The Walking Dead” is on a break until October, you will not see many zombies this summer except for in “World War Z.”This apocalyptic film focuses on Brad Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane, a United Nations investigator who is trying to stop...

Apps make exercising easier

By Jen Weddle | January 22, 2013

Need help getting motivated to do some push-ups, burn calories or choose music for an intense workout? Don’t sweat it. There’s an app for that. Technology has revolutionized our world in so many ways, including the way we get in shape, so it’s only...

Event offers the chance to chase or be chased

By Ludwig Gerdes | October 21, 2012

Saturday’s Zombie Dash 5K run, sponsored by the Clinton Rosette Middle School Parent Teachers Associate, marked the first of its kind to take place in DeKalb. Runners arrived at 8 a.m. to register at Clinton Rosette Middle School (CRMS), 650 N. First...


By Leah Spagnoli | April 1, 2011

All week long, NIU students have been battling outside of classrooms and residence halls to determine who will be the ultimate survivor: Humans or Zombies. According to the Humans vs. Zombies rules listed on, Humans vs. Zombies is a game about...

Vomiting much? Then don’t come to class

Vomiting much? Then don’t come to class

By Phil Case | October 4, 2010

We all know how zombie epidemics start. Some weird virus breaks out and spreads rapidly as the infected undead wander aimlessly amongst unsuspecting civilians. As unrealistic as such scenarios may seem, I am starting to see some disconcerting similarities...

New zombie show Walking Dead hits TV airwaves this Halloween.

‘Walking Dead’ appears to have legs

By Tony Martin | August 29, 2010

It seems like trailers for TV shows and movies have become more buzzworthy than the actual product itself. What better way to promote an upcoming program by throwing together a couple minutes-worth of grade-A moments from the show? At Comic-Con 2010,...