SGA prepares for special elections, appoints new justice


Evan Mellon

Justice Tyler Murray, a sophomore majoring in communications, giving a speech introducing himself and arguing why he would make a good Justice on the SGA Supreme Court. (Evan Mellon | Northern Star)

By Evan Mellon, News Reporter

DeKALB – Following its recent elections, the Student Government Association has announced its plans to prepare a special election due to a lack of senators elected to the senate.

While the elections did result in 11 senators being elected to the senate, there are currently not enough overall to make a full senate of 30 senators. To resolve this issue, the Board of Elections will hold an additional election day, called a special election, in an effort to elect more senators.

“In the event the initial election did not produce a winner or the number of senators fail to meet quorum, which is one half of the total number of seats in the Senate, a special election shall be held,” the bylaws read.

The dates for the special election will be announced at a later time, said Election Commissioner Ethan DeMeuse.

In addition, the SGA appointed Tyler Murray, a sophomore communications major, to the Supreme Court as a justice.

Justices on the Supreme Court are tasked with judging whether the actions of the SGA or student organizations adhere to their bylaws and constitution as well as handling appeals made regarding candidate misconduct during elections.

“Not all of us have a home we can go back to, not all of us can drive 30 minutes and sleep in our own bed away from whatever negativity may be going on here on campus,” Murray said. “Some of us are stuck, but we are only stuck if we allow ourselves to be. We are only stuck if we do not continue to make this world our own, and I plan to do just that through the SGA in the supreme court.”

SGA meetings are open to the public and held at 2 p.m. on Fridays, with locations posted in the senate’s agendas. SGA minutes and intent to speak forms are available on Huskie Hub.