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‘Let’s get ready to Crumbl,’ new cookie shop to join DeKalb

Michael Mollsen
An empty storefront at 2565 Sycamore Road sits stationed in the sun. The empty store’s windows are decorated Crumbl Cookie bannners. (Michael Mollsen | Northern Star)

DeKALB The cookie scene in DeKalb just got fierce with the sneak peak of a Crumbl Cookie store “coming soon” sign appearing in the college town.

The formerly empty property on 2564 Sycamore Road, between the GameStop and the Westside Children’s Therapy, found itself attracting attention with the pink pastel and Crumbl cookie filled window blockers and the “COMING SOON” banner above the possible store.

Cookies from Crumbl are known for being big, with cookies larger than the palm of your hand and layers of frosting and toppings.

What makes Crumbl so well known is its 200+ flavors of cookies that rotate weekly, making every visit a chance to try something new.

Besides its iconic chocolate chip cookie and classic pink sugar cookie that’s a permanent on their menu, Crumbl sets the standard for gourmet cookies with thick layers of frosting, fat gobs of chocolate and a selection of toppings ranging from cute to absurd.

Flavors are inspired from different types of desserts to everyday foods, from the odd ones like maple bacon compared to the multi-layered chocolate peanut butter Oreo cookie. 

And cookies like the honey cake with Teddy Grahams cookie live exactly up to their name, featuring two Teddy Graham cookies up to their paws in honey flavored frosting.

The cookie empire makes its claim as “the fastest-growing cookie company in the U.S.” on its website, citing that the franchise has expanded to over 800 bakeries in 50 states and just went international this year with its first stores opening in Canada.

The opening of a Crumbl in DeKalb could spell success for all the sweet tooths and social media followers.

Crumbl is arriving late to the game, as its rival, Insomnia Cookies, opened at the beginning of January last year in downtown DeKalb.

However, some NIU students already know where their loyalties lie.

“I feel like they’re two different types of cookies,” said Belle Irick, junior psychology major. “I feel like Crumbl is more with the frosting on top and its fancier, but like Insomnia (Cookies) is just a regular type of cookie, like chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.”

Others look forward to being within driving distance of the weekly Crumbl lineup.

“Their flavors this week look really good, I saw a pumpkin one,” said Allie Legrenzi, sophomore English major.

Neither the Crumbl Cookie business nor the City of DeKalb has confirmed the sugar coated confectionary from setting base. However, the building at 2564 Sycamore Road did receive a permit for signage for the space.

Still, the banner and the QR code on the door that scans to a job application for the DeKalb location sends an optimistic message just where the cookie will crumble.

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