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Victoria Monét is manifesting her way to the charts

Songwriter Victoria Monét poses in a black dress at the GRAMMYs on the Hill Awards in April. Monét has been a huge figure in the music industry, albeit no one knows her name due to her not being credited for her songwriting for larger artists such as Ariana Grande and Chris Brown. (Kevin Wolf/Invision/AP)

Songwriters are the backbone of the music industry, yet they are not given a platform to share their own music with a wide audience. Many songwriters are stuck in the shadows of the much larger artists they are writing for, trying to break free and show the world their talent. 

Victoria Monét is a three-time Grammy-nominated artist with almost two decades in the music industry. She is also the lyricist behind some of the decade’s biggest hits. After the release of her sophomore album Jaguar II, Monét is finally receiving the recognition she is destined for.


Victoria Monét’s “Jaguar II” debuted at No. 60 on the Billboard Top 200. The album is the songstress’ highest charting project, with her third single, “On My Mama,” debuting at No. 98 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Allowing the song to be Monét’s first standalone entry into the charts, with her last being “Monopoly” peaking at No. 69 alongside Ariana Grande.

“On My Mama” has a catchy southern trap flow with brass instruments guiding the song. The self-hype tune has jazz influences that glide perfectly between the lyrics and melody and becomes an instant head bopper. 

On songs such as “Party Girls” the reggaeton and caribbean influences mold the sultry slow beat to move hips as Buju Banton lends his infamous dancehall voice to the ad libs. This introduction of reggaeton to a seductive 70s beat keeps you entranced with Monét’s siren like belts.

“I’m The One” is the most traditional R&B song on Jaguar II, but Monét did not hold back on the vocals. She uses the vulnerable track to express her need to be seen and appreciated by a lover. The song allows you to flow with Monét’s emotion and still enjoy the upbeat tempo and Caribbean drums heard under the track as she lulls the song to an end. 

Monét’s use of her soft angelic, but powerful, and striking voice in songs like “Smoke Reprise” allows you to see her range of artistry. Her airy belts are felt over the sexy bluesy beat, leaving her lyrics to simply melt on the track. 

“How Does It Makes You Feel” features Monét’s beautiful and soulful lower register. She sings over a heavy modern blues influenced beat where her voice fits like honey. The songstress does not hold back on her belts allowing the listener to be taken up and down octaves flawlessly. Her warm gentle tone proves to be one of her best assets as she draws ears closer to speakers to hear her breathy vocals. 

According to sources, Monét expressed that Earth, Wind & Fire’s music heavily inspired her most recent album, taking a groovy, funky spin on modern R&B. The record contains a feature from the group in the song, “Hollywood” alongside her daughter, Hazel Monét. The song segues to the outro of the album and reflects the difficulties she has faced to get to the point in her career where she no longer defines her success by numbers but by her happiness. The singer often credits her success to her manifesting her dreams to come true. 

Monét kicked off her first headlining tour, “The Jaguar Tour,” earlier this year. She often expressed the gratitude she has for making it to a headlining tour after funding so much of her musical career out of pocket. 

Victoria Monét’s “Jaguar II” is a beautiful production of what modern R&B has transformed into. The Songstress is filling a gap in R&B with her modern takes on blues, rhythm, and soul. She is meshing classic influences of R&B with her catchy pop lyricism and making magic. 


In 2008, a MySpace message changed the direction of her life. A young Monét took a risk and direct-messaged Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, a popular rapper and music producer, for a chance to be signed to the producer’s label. After messaging, the two decided Monét would be auditioning for a girl’s group Jerkins was putting together. A week later, she was an official member of the trio Purple Reign, which also featured Latoya Duggin and Siobhan McNear. The group scored a record deal with Motown Records before being dropped and disbanded prior to the release of any official records. 

Monét turned to songwriting to generate an income for herself. She received a songwriting deal with Atlantic Records CEO Kraig Callmain in 2014. 


Victoria’s Monét’s pen game is dangerous in the industry and has been known to be a heavy hitter on the Billboard Charts. Monét has her hand all over the music industry, not just sticking to the pop genre. 

Some of Victoria’s most critically acclaimed writing credits are featured on projects by Ariana Grande. The pair met in 2013 before they shortly became best friends and coworkers. Monét has written on every project since Grande’s debut in 2013 with her album “Yours Truly.” The two have gone on to create insatiable records that are timeless pop renditions. 

Monét has been one of Hollywood’s greatest talents hidden behind the scenes. Her unique funky spin to R&B strays from the genre’s trap influence descent in recent years. Monét is offering a fresh perspective to music and it will be exciting to see her continue to turn heads.

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