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Street Interview: What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve seen?

Here’s the link to our video of this week’s street interviews to watch alongside our story on TikTok.

As the end of October creeps up, one of the most highly anticipated holidays on NIU’s campus approaches.

Halloween is an exciting time of the year for students, one weekend to take on any persona besides your own.

The only stressful part about October however, aside from midterms, is finding a costume

After the release of the highly anticipated movie “Barbie” in July, it’s only right to throw on some pink and go as Barbie this year for Halloween.

The best part about this costume is Barbie can be anything. Whether that’s roller-skating Barbie, western Barbie or president Barbie, there are so many different options when it comes to this costume. It’s almost impossible to resist recreating one of Margot Robbie’s iconic looks. 

Of course, there’s also Ken. If Barbie is not your cup of tea or you’re looking for a costume for two, try dressing up as Barbie and Ken this year. 

It’s impossible to mention costumes for duos without bringing up Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. 

For the ultimate couples costume this year, dressing up as America’s favorite lovebirds right now is a no-brainer. 

The classic game day outfits are fairly easy to throw together if you’re looking for a costume on a budget. 

While the Netflix hit show “Wednesday” was released in 2022, it never got its moment to shine on Halloween due to the show’s November release date.

Hopefully, 2023 is the year for Wednesday Addams costumes.

Throughout the show, Wednesday sports several different variations of the classic “Addams Family” black dress and white collar. 

Hopefully, Halloween 2023 will be filled with creative costumes that reflect the busy year America has had in pop culture. 

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