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Street interviews: World Kindness Week

Joey Trella
A graphic includes two people and kindness logos. Opinion Columnist Alberto Briones interviewed students on what the kindest thing someone did for them lately. (Joey Trella | Northern Star)

@niunorthernstar Alberto Briones asks students what the kindest thing someone has done for them is 💖✨ 🎥Filmed and edited by Jenny Javkhlantugs #niu #northernstar #streetinterviews #WorldKindnessWeek ♬ original sound – Northern Star

Being kind can make someone’s day better, and that’s worth a lot. Every year on Nov. 13, people worldwide celebrate World Kindness Day which highlights the importance of being kind and compassionate.

The World Kindness Movement, an international non-governmental group with no political or religious connections, created World Kindness Day in 1998. The World Kindness Movement’s goal is to get people and countries to work together to make the world a kinder place.

Being kind may mend damaged relationships, improve lives and bring people together. Positive outcomes can happen with a friendly hello, a smile or holding the door for someone. People who do small acts of kindness can brighten people’s day.

Actions of kindness produce endorphins and oxytocin – a hormone in your body that promotes positive feelings – which improve social relations and reduce stress, according to University Hospitals. One act of kindness can motivate others, starting a positive ripple effect that may reach across cultures and countries.

One can honor World Kindness Day in different ways, such as carrying out random acts of service. To show kindness, individuals could offer to hold the door for others, cook a meal for a loved one, buy a friend a coffee, etc.

Volunteering with local organizations or in-service projects is a way to show kindness to the community and those in need. Kind acts could include helping out at local food banks or donating to local shelters.

Another way to spread kindness is to give out compliments. When you compliment someone, you show that you care about them and want them to feel good about themselves. This makes them happy and gives them a sense of closeness.

Everyone’s life can benefit from kindness. On World Kindness Day and every day, think about doing something nice for others. Let’s embrace being kind, and spread it everywhere we go.

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