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Mission II officially passes collar to Mission III

Tim Dodge
Victor E. Huskie walks Mission II onto the Huskie Stadium football field alongside Lisa Boland, coordinator for the mascot program, with Mission III. Mission II officially retired as NIU’s live mascot at the NIU football game against Western Michigan University on Nov. 14. (Tim Dodge | Northern Star)

DeKALB – Mission II took a final bow during this week’s football game against Western Michigan University. He trotted around the Huskie Stadium one last time before entering a relaxing life of retirement and allowing Mission III to take over.

Mission II began his term as the NIU mascot in 2021 after the original Mission’s retirement after eight years of service. 

Though the pup just began his duties to the NIU community, Mission II retired after serving for three years due to severe skin allergies

Crystal Doyle, dog mom and administrative assistant in the office of the president, said Mission II is going to take this time to be around family.

“He’s going to live the good life on the couch where it’s nice and warm and comfy,” Doyle said. “We have another dog, and they play together and snuggle together, so he’s going to live the retired life of just being comfy.”

Mission II sat tall during the passing of the collar ceremony at Huskie Stadium. Mission III ran onto the field while his predecessor watched him from behind the sideline. 

Mission II has been working with Mission III over the past year to make sure he’s prepared for the life of an NIU mascot. 

Training for the job includes running the endzone together, making sure Mission III knows there’s no danger when the fireworks go off and shadowing Mission II throughout games

Coordinator for the mascot program and Mission III’s caretaker, Lisa Boland, said Mission III had learned a lot from his predecessor and friend. 

“They’ve been very much like bros, like, they’re really friendly with each other,” Boland said. “Mission II has been a wonderful role model for him on the football field. Two has done a great job of showing him what to do and how to act while he’s on the football field.” 

Doyle said Mission II enjoyed the attention and fame that came with serving the NIU community. 

“He’s what I like to call a velcro dog, so he loves to be around all people,” Doyle said. “He has had a wonderful time being out here on the football field, running, the cheering. Anytime he’s the center of attention is his favorite.” 

This was Mission II’s last large public appearance; however, he may be back to visit in the future. 

“He may come back to visit, kind of doubtful, but this was kind of his last thing,” Doyle said. “He came back this season to train Mission III on how to do football games, but that’s really what he’s been here for.”  

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