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Farewell, Mission II

Northern Star File Photo
Mission II stands in a field of grass in 2021. Opinion Columnist Alberto Briones thanks Mission II for his service and bids him a farewell. (Sean Reed | Northern Star)

NIU’s mascot Mission II has retired. 

The NIU community is saddened by the announcement made Nov. 14 during the NIU football game against Western Michigan University. After three years of service, the Huskie is stepping down due to skin allergies, leaving behind his footprint.

Alexandra Alcantar, a senior political science major, said Mission’s retirement is well-deserved, as he’s worked very hard on his tenure at NIU.

“Every time I see one of the Missions, there’s always a crowd around them. Just seeing them on campus makes me smile and makes me want to pet them,” Alcantar said.

Mission II was more than a school symbol—he enhanced campus life, making typical days extraordinary.

Those lucky enough to spend time on campus with the energetic Huskie will always remember the joy he brought with his wagging tail and bright eyes. Seeing him at sporting events, welcome weeks and graduations made those days extra special.

“I think it’s really sad he has to go, but it will be better for him. It’s time for a new chapter, and I’m looking forward to meeting Mission III,” said Wendy Mendez, a senior communications major.

The retirement of Mission II will be emotional for those who appreciate their company since they contribute to building community and enjoyment..

At events, students and staff ask to pet the Missions or to take pictures with them. The mascots’ ability to create an uplifting atmosphere at these events speaks volumes of their awesome energy and attitude.

Missions II’s last appearance at the football game against Western Michigan was bittersweet, and he will be missed. He leaves a void in the NIU community’s heart, but they are looking forward to Mission III’s career as the new live mascot.

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