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Poll: What dipping sauce is best with french fries?

Lucy Atkinson
Delicious but lonely fries rest in a basket without any dipping sauces. What dipping sauce is best with french fries? (Lucy Atkinson | Northern Star)

French fries, a quintessential comfort food, are hard to beat. Fries are always a hit, regardless of the cut: waffle, straight, julienne, shoestring or crinkle.

Many sauces go well with fries, such as ketchup, cheese, ranch, barbeque and honey mustard. Based on preference, which condiment is the best to use for dipping fries?


Due to its acidic sweetness, ketchup is an American cuisine staple. It is the go-to option for many fry fans because of its wide popularity. Any dish, from hot dogs to french fries, benefits from ketchup.

Nearly all American homes have ketchup on hand. A survey shows ketchup bottles are found in 97% of U.S. kitchens, according to


Cheese sauce is a delicious and creamy component to any dish. Cheese fries are comforting, and their rich and familiar flavor inspires nostalgia and makes them a popular option. Golden fries with melting cheese are irresistible and pull people in.

In 2022, per capita consumption of all dairy products was 653 pounds, 63 pounds above historical average since 1975, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Cheese consumption reached a record 42 pounds per person in 2022, up half a pound from the year before.


Ranch dressing is a wonderful choice for those looking for a buttermilk, garlic and herb taste. Its velvety smoothness makes it a no-brainer pairing with french fries. Adding ranch to a dish increases rich flavors.

In 2017, a consumer use study revealed that people use dressings on meats, sandwiches, veggies, chips and more. In addition to dressing their meals, Americans are buying it more regularly — making it a popular condiment of choice, according to the Association for Dressings and Sauces.


Barbeque sauce is sweet and smoky. Adding this sauce to fries gives them a bolder and summer cook-out taste. Because of its versatility, each and every dip contains an exquisite blend of salty, sweet, tangy and spicy flavors.

Barbecue sauce offers flavor and depth to dishes. Barbecue sauce is becoming increasingly popular and by 2026, the barbecue sauce industry might reach $300 million USD, according to market research company Technavio.


Honey mustard has a sweet and tangy taste not often seen in fry dips. People seeking a more complex flavor could find this golden condiment to their liking. When honey mustard is used as a dip for the fries, the sweetness of honey combined with the saltiness of fries make a delicious treat.

When compared to other sauces and dressings, honey mustard is a better choice since it’s low in fat. The saturated fat content is fairly low, according to

What determines the best dipping sauce for french fries is a matter of personal opinion. Because each choice is different, the pairing of fries with condiments will please a lot of different tastes. People may enjoy crispy fries with ketchup, cheese, ranch, barbeque or honey mustard.

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What dipping sauce is best with french fries?


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