‘Racist fallacies’

It has come to a time in America where it apperars to me that whites are subject to oppression.

In response to the sanctions against Sigma Chi, I get so angry and frustrated that all I can really do is laugh. The university is obviously using the fraternity as a scapegoat for all of the so called racism at NIU.

Their skit may have been in bad taste. Still, I am sure they did not mean to ridicule any particular person or people. I feel that offense was taken only because it let certain blacks jump up on a stage and rant and rave about racism again! This, of course, prompted NIU to do something otherwise the university would be racist. The actions taken against Sigma Chi once again prove to blacks that if they scream racism, everyone will back down and grant them what they wish.

Well, for me this is all over! I will take no more of these racist fallacies. I think that we are past that stage and that some maturing needs to happen. If you don’t think so, well then you’re the problem—you’re the one who is racist!

Brian Callaghan