Coach buffet served at Huskie luncheon Rosborough, Cesarek, Ehrlich speak

By Jeff Aronin

At Tuesday’s Huskie Club Luncheon, NIU men’s basketball coach Jim Rosborough told the gathering he once heard “basketball is a great game if you’re winning.”

But after not winning a game for over a month, Rosborough maintains a good outlook for the Huskies.

Not dwelling on the team’s 4-16 record, Rosborough talked about the upcoming young talent such as freshmen Donnell Thomas, Brian Banks, Jo Jo Jackson and Andrew Wells.

“The young guys are dedicated,” said Rosborough, who spoke especially of Banks, calling him “the most improved player on the team.” With stand-outs such as Banks, Rosborough and the Huskies will try to salvage the final seven games.

Rosborough said of the team, which has been off since February 4, “we have been reviewing tapes, the guys have been lifting, and hopefully if the team is refreshed, we’ll be ready for Central Connecticut State on Saturday.”

When asked who will play on Saturday, Rosborough said he has not finalized his decision yet, and that it will depend on this week’s performance in practice.

With three home games upcoming on the 13th, 15th and 16th, Rosborough said, “We need three wins this week. With the time off, we can end very strongly.”

Also at the luncheon, women’s gymnastics coach Bobbie Cesarek spoke of her team, which boasts a 5-2 record. The team is coming off a tough loss last weekend at Iowa State. Huskies who did well were Martha Unger and Bethann Holleran. The team next competes February 19 against Southeast Missouri State.

Men’s gymnastics coach Chuck Ehrlich also spoke and praised his team’s performance this year. The team has had great success this year, partially because of the international recruiting which enables the team to have gymnasts from countries such as Brazil and West Germany.

The team has already competed against several top teams in the country and is preparing to face Penn State followed by top-ranked Illinois. Ehrlich said based on scores, the Huskies should be ranked No. 5 in the nation. Ehrlich said his squad is “the best kept secret at Northern.”