SA fills supreme court, senator posts


In this February file photo, Senator James Holmes grips a microphone during an SA senate meeting in the Holmes Student Center.

By Kierra Frazier

The Student Association Senate voted to fill the last SA supreme court associate justice seat and three senator seats at Sunday night’s Senate meeting.

All four supreme court associate justice positions have been filled, while the SA supreme court chief justice position is still open. Out of the 40 Senate seats, 24 have been officially filled.

Michael Palacios, a second-year law student, was elected as the fourth associate justice for the supreme court. Palacios said he chose to be a part of the judicial branch because he had heard about the position from previous SA members last semester.

“The experiences that I’ve had with student organizations has taught me the importance and effectiveness that student organizations provide for the community,” Palacios said.

Palacios said he plans on using skills from previous organizations he’s been a part of, such as Collegiate Association of Unreasonable Social Entrepreneurs, Mock Trial and Phi Alpha Delta, to help in his new position as supreme court justice.

The three Senators include Kaelyn Nannini, a sophomore biological science major, Miguel Quiroz, a junior business management and leadership major, and Derek Gawlik, a first-year mechanical engineering major.

Senator Nannini said she would be a good contribution to the Senate because she is good at voicing her opinions. She said she has plans to create a compost bin in all of the dining halls.

“I’m also excited about things that I’ve not come up with myself, such as increasing voter registration, as I feel those are very important, not just to NIU, but to the United States as a whole,” Nannini said.

Senator Quiroz said as a first-generation college student, he plans on getting involved with the university as much as he can.

“I will reinvigorate the passion of political action towards students and the DeKalb community by holding town halls, initiating voter registration and finding local and state politicians to speak on campus,” Quiroz said.

Senator Gawlik said he wanted to become a senator so he could impact student life for the better. He said he hopes to be a part of the Campus Life and Greek Affairs committee so he can put his interpersonal communication skills to work.

“One of the things I want to do is build better connections with Greek organizations and maybe even try to foster the betterment of the Greek organizations because I’ve heard a lot about how they’ve had bad reputations in the past,” Gawlik said.

Other news

Also at Sunday night’s meeting, the Senate passed a bill to recognize two student organizations, The National Society of Leadership and Success and Chi Sigma Alpha Honor Society. A resolution was passed to amend the SA Constitution to update the non-discrimination clause and passed a bill to amend the SA bylaws to include a live table of contents and grammatical fixes.