Fill in the blank: My favorite spot on campus is…

Ashley Hines | Contributor

… DuSable Hall

Being a political science major, almost all of my classes the last two semesters have been in DuSable Hall. The building is the closest building to my dorm, which inherently makes it superior to any other building. If I have an hour or two before my next class, there is no shortage of benches to make camp at to either read or do homework. DuSable is also home to Sandella’s Flatbread Cafe, which has served as a convenient way to not starve between three consecutive morning classes. There is usually always an organization fundraiser going on, a few of which I’ve participated in. These fundraisers are a great way for NIU organizations to get some advertisement as well as money in exchange for tasty baked goods. Whether I’m sitting in a classroom discussing the components of genocide or studying over a delicious flatbread, DuSable provides a comfortable atmosphere that makes me feel part of NIU.


Noah Thornburgh | Columnist

… Founders Memorial Library

I worked in libraries for two years before transferring to NIU last fall. During that time, I grew fond of the quiet stillness they offer, paradoxically expansive and cozy. As an avid reader, I’m drawn to the stacks, but I find myself in Founders when I’m neither looking for a book nor a reading spot. Last semester, I’d pick up a cup of Einstein’s coffee from the basement once a week and sip it while looking out over campus from the fourth floor windows. Sometimes I’d wander around the art installations or read the spines in sections I’m unfamiliar with. Founders is my place of peace, solitude and focus. There’s no other place I can do a six hour study binge, and I am grateful for it.


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Lisa Lillianstrom | Contributor

… Right outside McMurry Hall

Last semester I went to Spanish class in McMurry. I loved all of the leaves that coated the ground which made for a beautiful fall scene. I also love seeing “Olive Doyle,” the campus gargoyle. She was struck by lightning in 1966 and fell off her original place on Altgeld Hall. It has since been moved to its original place for safety reasons, and whether she is surrounded by flowers or snow, everything around her is beautiful. Olive was one of the first things I saw when I took the campus tour that really stuck in my mind, and I knew it was the one that I would be taking photos of the most. There is just something about her that makes me want to whip out my camera and do a little photo shoot. Also not far from McMurry is the East Lagoon, a nice relaxing place for when you just want to think about life and enjoy a beautiful view. If you ever have time on campus, go by McMurry and explore the beauty around it.


Ali Qazi | Contributor

… the Holmes Student Center

Last semester I needed to find a spot to just sit back and relax. After weeks of searching I finally found the spot: the Holmes Student Center. The Holmes Student Center is a benefit to me because it has a few places where I can relax and finish my homework all while not leaving campus. If the weather was unpleasant, I found myself heading to The College Grind to get some lunch. Even though the HSC is under construction and the Huskies Den is closed, I still find myself going there to just sit and finish my homework. Right in front of the HSC is the MLK Commons, where a lot of student organizations come out to represent their organization or occasionally have a poster sale. If you ever just need to chill or are hungry, I’d definitely recommend the Holmes Student Center.


Alana Peoples | Contributor

… the Student Recreation Center

I find myself at the student recreation center every day I’m here. This semester I have made it a priority that all the days I commute on campus, I make sure I get a chance to workout.  It helps me mentally and makes me feel physically better. It gives me a motivating atmosphere. After having two kids back-to-back, it was hard to get back into the gym. The student recreation center is somewhere I can workout in peace, and I can sit in the front and also do my homework on my laptop without being bothered. It’s not loud and not crowded with a ton of people standing around. I can sit there and focus and get my homework done as students and faculty staff members quietly walk in and out. I do wish they had something like Smoothie King or Jamba Juice or something to get a yummy protein shake!