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‘Dialogue’ series begins

‘Dialogue’ series begins

By Ashley Dwy | February 20, 2020

DeKALB — The Student Government Association hosted a “Deliberative Dialogue” meeting about gun violence, where students discussed their opinions on gun control from 7 to 9 p.m. Monday in the Holmes Student Center OASIS.There were three full tables...

Attendees listen as Trevada Redmond, of DeKalb, asks police leadership how they plan to hold themselves and their officers accountable.

Police chief promises daily updates on arrest statistics at community meeting

By Noah Thornburgh | September 5, 2019

At a community meeting Wednesday night, DeKalb Police Chief John Petragallo agreed to post a daily breakdown of arrests by race and economic status to the department’s social media, following a demand by a resident.DeKalb community members filled New...

Fill in the blank: My favorite spot on campus is…

By Northern Star Perspective Staff | January 31, 2019

Ashley Hines | Contributor... DuSable HallBeing a political science major, almost all of my classes the last two semesters have been in DuSable Hall. The building is the closest building to my dorm, which inherently makes it superior to any other building....

The Best Places to Hang Off Campus

By Ashley Hines | October 18, 2018

Most NIU students live in DeKalb or in surrounding areas of the town. There’s a decent amount of things to do on campus, but what about off campus? That's where students need to look to spice up their hangout sessions. My favorite place to go is Common...

Students Save Money by Searching Thrift Store Racks

By Ashley Hines | September 22, 2018

If you’re a college student who needs cheap clothes, there's a simple option: thrifting. This method of shopping allows you to buy used clothes for an affordable price at a secondhand shop.Before you begin to thrift shop, there are certain steps you...

DIY: Sugar Cookies Recipe

By Ashley Hines | September 4, 2018

It's a hot summer and sugar cookies are a tasty treat that beat the long wait for fall. Here you will find one of the thousands of recipes for making these bad boys. I’ve made this recipe before and it's pretty easy. IngredientsTwo and three fourths...

Image Courtesy Pexels

Get Involved on Campus!

By Ashley Hines | August 30, 2018

Image Courtesy Pexels

What to Expect After Move-In Day

By Ashley Hines | August 29, 2018

Moving away from home is a high school graduate’s dream. However, sometimes it's not all cracked up to be.Freshman year of college can be the hardest, because people are moving from their childhood home right to living on their own. For some, this is...