SA plans to fill supreme court vacancies


The Student Association Senate elected Jesslyn Truesdale, NIU graduated sociology major, as a a supreme court justice during its meeting Sunday in the Holmes Student Center Sky Room

By Tom Burton

DeKALB — Significant bills and resolutions were approved, along with the appointment of s Supreme Court Justice during the weekly Student Association Senate meeting Sunday.

Tristan Martin, Speaker of the Senate, led parliamentary procedure in electing Jesslyn Truesdale, NIU graduated sociology major, to an open position as a supreme court justice.

After lengthy discussion and debate, SA unanimously elected Truesdale as a supreme court justice.

Truesdale spent her time at NIU doing doing undergraduate studies as a research assistant and was a student ambassador for the sociology department.

“We were positive we wanted her as a supreme court justice,” Martin said. “She is a professionally-built person, and that’s something I admire. Having her around SA is going to be beneficial moving forward.”

Sergeant at Arms Ashley Burkhardt said she endorses Truesdale because of her desire for supreme court justices to be more active in SA, which is something they have been trying to work on for a long time now.

Martin said SA plans to fill two more supreme court vacancies in the next meeting Sunday.

Treasurer Sarah Castle and Vice President Andrea Alcanton of NIU Mock Trial spoke to the senate and asked for financial assistance to support the advancement of their organization.

The group is requesting funds to compete in at least two national debates this upcoming year. The team currently has 18 people on the team and are allocated $1,500 dollars per year for competition.

Castle said roughy $750 was spent in the last invitational and the current money they are given is not enough for full support.

“It’s fundamentally important to the program that were continuously competing,” Castle said. “We’re trying to get as many practices to be as polished, as much as possible, to advance further.”

Student Trustee Nathan Hays also spoke in front of SA about NIU Health Services’ merger with Northwestern Medicine and the advantages it will bring.

Hayes said urgent care will now be available on campus along with the mental health services being advanced, Specifics regarding the improvement of mental health services were not vocalized.

“We’re kind of setting a model [for other institutions],” Hays said. “It’s getting our name out there in a good light.”

Some notable negative results of the merger include Health Services cutting over half of their current staff. This merger makes NIU the first Illinois educational institution to merge with a hospital the size of Northwestern Medicine.