There’s trouble in Netflix’s ‘Paradise PD’

By Maddie Barrett

Netflix’s “Paradise PD” is a show about a less-than-average police squad. The Paradise police department commits crimes themselves, has unconventional ways of solving crimes and is comprehensively a terrible team.

The show begins with a childlike tone as the police chief’s son Kevin, voiced by David Herman, talking about his future and his desire to be a police officer just like his father. His father Randall, voiced by Tom Kenny, is the worst police chief that can possibly be portrayed because of his lack of focus throughout the season.

Kyle isn’t the only cop on the squad with problems; there are four others with many of their own issues.

The most successful cop is Gina Jabowski, voiced by Sarah Chalke, who is always extremely angry and on the verge of 100 arrests. Dusty Marlow, voiced by Dana Snyder, is an outgoing cop whose stomach actively catches bullets. Gerald Fitzgerald voiced by Cedric Yarbrough, is a homeless-looking man who has constant PTSD, so he’s completely unavailable to do his job. The K-9 officer Bullet, voiced by Kyle Kinane, is addicted to all of the drugs they’ve had him investigate.

Although these characters have funny attributes, the show doesn’t quite match up. The humor is distasteful and unhumorous.

Since the “Paradise PD” has less limits, the creators let everything go unfiltered. The vulgarity, inappropriate images and dirty jokes get in the way of the actual storyline of the show, which just isn’t entertaining.

Another underlying issue of the show is the outright likeness to the show “Brickleberry,” which was also created by the same team. Although the show is more vulgar than “Brickleberry,” it doesn’t make it funnier in the slightest because the vulgarity is distracting.

It’s to be expected that the show will only get more vulgar and inappropriate in the coming seasons.

“Paradise PD” can be streamed on Netflix.